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I'm Kathy. I am a 27 year old beauty (#bblogger) and life blogger from Limerick, Ireland. This is my blog about all things beauty, hair, celeb, life and mommy life. So if you like that sort of thing, stick around.

I am a curvy/plus size woman who loves all things beauty and hair related. I'm not a huge OOTD/OOTN poster on my blog as I'm not a hugely body confident blogger like a lot of others out there (and I'm not very stylish! lol) but I do post outfit pics on my Instagram so if your interested go have a look (link in the Social Media tab).

I live with my boyfriend Daniel and our son Alex (born Nov. 2014). You can read my birth story here, you can read through my past pregnancy updates and keep up to date on our small mans progress here. I post about what we get up i.e. our Anniversary, trips, out and about. 

My little family - visiting Fota Wildlife in Cork (Summer 2016)
I started blogging way back in 2009 when I wanted to fill a gap in my life! It was also the time when blogging/youtube was becoming more popular so why not join in right?! I don't blog as frequently as I would like to put post regularly on my social media so follow me on there too :) Being a full time worker and mom keeps me busy but I will try to be better and update a little more frequently.

Photo from 2013
If you would like to get in contact with me, you can email me here: lushblush21@gmail.com, view all my social media information here or you can just leave me a comment under any post (comments monitored for spam).

Why not tweet me @lushblush21 and let me know you've stopped by? #tweetme

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