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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Girls Holiday

Hi Dolls,

Finally after knowing these girls for 14+ years we got to go away on our long over due girls holiday! We went to Alvor in Portugal. One of the girls parents owns an apartment their so to save on some cost we decided to stay here.

With conflicting lives we all staggered our stays. I went from the 14th to 21st August. I arrived in Portugal and got the shuttle (which I won't talk about because it was a disaster!). I got to the drop off point right around 12. Back tracking, my phone wouldn't connect to a signal while I was there and so I ended up stuck with no way to contact my friends! I set up a back up plan that if they didn't hear from me meet me at the drop off place at 12 (which worked out perfectly)! I luckily got wifi at the shuttle waiting area (where I spent an hour panicking) and sent one of the girls a message to say I had no service and couldn't call or text them and I was leaving the airport!

There was no wifi in the apartment so they visit a nearby cafe and luckily noticed all my messages. Salome rushed to meet me at the drop off place and made it just in time with an ice cold can of coke (YUM). I had never been more happy to see her in my life! lol

The week consisted of me chilling out, lounging by the pool, going out for dinner, visiting the wifi cafe, visiting the nearby town for lunch one or two days and enjoying time with my nearest and dearest. 

Being the only mom on the holiday it was hard being away from my son in another country for a week. I did love every minute of my time with my friends but it was hard. Also I was catching up on a lot of lost sleep so didn't party much while there!

We visited a water park near the end of the holiday, it was so much fun but way over crowded and the queuing in the heat wasn't great - especially when you wash off your sun protection when you land in the pool!

The blonde to my brunette <3 td="">

Pool pose
First night out for dinner (Niamh's face! hahaha)

Another pool pose

We walked almost everywhere!
I will forever cherish the memories I made on this holiday and hope to do it again some day!

Lots of Love

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