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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cluck cluck... It's Hen Time!

Hi Dolls,

So mid June I had my very first Hen Party! The excitement leading up to this event was ridiculous! Lots of drama for me beforehand but it wouldn't be an event it didn't!

So the Hen was on 11th June in Cork City. The morning started off pretty lazy to be honest! I had to unpack from my holiday the prior week (by unpack I mean find the essentials - GHD, makeup) and repack for the hen. Of course in the last 30 mins before I was due to leave I packed my bag, straightened my hair and off I went (makeup free eek!). I got a snap from the bride/hen who had her hair and makeup done to the theme of the hen and with my hair like a frizz ball and no makeup on I was freaking lol! I quickly straightened my hair so I'd look some bit human and put in my red bandana (I also had Penneys red "converse" on).
Sabrina and I (and the wine!)
Some of us hen's got the train to Cork from Charleville. The Hen, Caroline, her sisters Elaine and Sabrina and myself got the train together. Elaine is the Maid of Honor and Sabrina a Bridesmaid. When on the train, annoyingly others had sat in our pre-booked seats, so we had to ask them to move! Once all seated Sabrina broke out the cutest hen party bags for us! We of course had to have an immediate nose inside! I'm raging I didn't get a pic of the contents. The bags each had a personalised tag, inside there was a small bottle of wine (yummy), a dare card, a willy stray, polo mints, tayto crisps, plaster, paracetamol, a "Hen Party"/"Bridesmaid" sash and a photo prop. These were such a thoughtful and cute idea and so easy to DIY!
Once we arrived in Cork's Kent Station we got a taxi to the hotel. We stayed in the Clarion Hotel. Once we arrived we checked in and went straight to our rooms. I had room 406 with Sarah and Danielle (the Hen's cousins), the Bride had room 405 with her sisters, and 404 was also occupied by us! We had our rooms next to each other which was super handy! And the bride's room had amazing views and big open windows). Each room was stocked with the usual teas, coffees, biscuits, shower stuff and an added bonus was bottles of water for the hangovers the next morning ;)

As the girls had their hair and makeup done, I jumped straight in to fixing my hair and makeup. Sarah and Danielle arrived and we got chatting to get to know each other better while they got ready. We all got dressed and were ready to go! While some finishing touches were added I popped out the Prosecco! I bought some plastic champagne flutes from Tesco which were super handy!
(L-R) Elaine, Danielle, Caroline and Sabrina
We had a 3 course meal in the hotel's restaurant Kudos (we were sat in the lobby of the hotel which was a bit weird lol). The food was delicious and very filling. We had a few drinks with dinner. Once that was finished we got a taxi to the Mardyke Entertainment Complex. We began with a cocktail making glass in The Porterhouse (one of four bars in the complex). Our bartender was Michelle (I think). We had some champagne to start, then Mojito's, then Cosmo's (my fave!) and then we had a shot like a baby Guinness but with different ingredients. Yum yum and yum. That was a lot of fun!
Once the shots were had it was time for Karaoke. We headed upstairs, grabbed a drink and headed up to our private karaoke pod. We set up a few songs to play and after about 15 minutes in burst a stripper! The hen was not impressed (at the beginning) because she specifically said no, but she had to have some surprise through the night ;) hehe.
Very patriotic with his Irish flag!
After the Karaoke, we headed towards to Bowery. At this point I snuck back to the hotel in a taxi to change into my flats! I couldn't enjoy the night anymore in my heels :( I met the girls back in the Bowery. The hotel arranged for a reserved area with a bottle of Champers (if we got there before 11pm). We had a dance, drinks and some dare's were carried out! I won't disclose more ;)

We then moved on Reardan's, we passed through and went straight for the que to the night club. After a bit of a dance, and making our way to the overcrowded Secret Garden, some of us headed back to the hotel! It was such a brilliant night! The next morning we all headed for breakfast in the hotel and caught up on the night before! I had an absolute brill time and I'm sure the other ladies did too!

Close up of hair and makeup
Dress: New Look (link)

Lots of Love

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