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Saturday, May 28, 2016

My "baby" is 18 months old!

Where as the time gone? Am I right mom's?

The time flies and you have no idea how fast until you have or know of babies! And by know of I mean your friend or family member has a child you see regularly growing up!

My baby is well and truly gone :( time for another! Lol just kidding (for now). Alex is such an independent toddler there is no baby left in him except for the dummy ;)

Alex has changed so much even in the past six months, some ways more difficult than others, which you will be able to read about as you read more...

Milestones: Alex now has 10 teeth now, 6 on top and 4 on the bottom. He is currently teething with another two on the right side and maybe another on the right! Alex is happily running around like a loon and refuses to hold hands most of the time. He'll only hold your hand if you "trick him" by holding his hand when you put him down or take him out of the car or if he's in an unknown place!

Sleep: He's still waking during the night, it's very rare he'll sleep through the night :( Some nights are worse than others. Reasons for this being hunger, unable to settle himself, feeling of abandonment, teething, and old reasons being a cough! I'm hoping that moving forward this will improve but I don't know...
"I am One"
Best Moment: I have to admit the best moment for me is seeing him progress every day and be happy! His speech isn't where I think it should be for his age but you forget how young he is when he began walking and grew so quickly in other ways! Seeing Alex have passion in different things (cars, tractors, Curious George) makes me so proud!

Worst Moment: The nighttime waking! I'm to the point where I don't know what to do! He gets his daily naps, is fed well and goes to bed not too early not too late, but I don't know what to do! He wakes up crying very upset when he's on his own at the moment and when he wakes he looks for a bottle to settle him because he's hungry! We're trying to let him settle himself but when he is very upset it's hard :(
Cool Dude
Health: Alex had a very bad cough which I mentioned in previous update posts. We bought him a salt therapy machine for his bedroom. It is AMAZING! The noise it makes it's very light and soothing, there is almost no noise at all. The salt filter needs to be changed every 4-5 months. In the beginning, we had the machine on for a full week, then from there we do every 2nd or 3rd night just to keep it going. The machine has been amazing and he hasn't had one cough or stuffy nose since!

Eating: He would eat us out of house and home! lol. He eats almost everything, and I say almost because there is some things he used to eat but won't anymore or some foods that he wouldn't have often so wouldn't be the biggest fan! He loves cheese, pasta and bananas! He also loves his chocolate treats!!
Loves his tractors!
Things I Want to Remember: I want to remember how small he was and still is, I want to remember his smile, and what makes him smile. I want to look back in years to come at the small things and remember what it was like for him for the first time, like putting on shoes or brushing his teeth. I want to remember how happy he is swimming with his Dad, or playing in a car, or watching the tractors!
You can catch up on all of Alex's baby updates here.

Lots of Love

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Home Decor Series: Wardrobe Goals ♥

Hi Dolls,

I haven't posted in a while for many reasons I won't ramble into (motherhood, working full time job, lack of inspiration, disorganised mess...).

At the moment, we are in talks of extending the house we live in but there is so much to go along with the planning process so it's going very slow. Because this is majorly on my brain at the moment I've been pinning like a mad person on my Pinterest whenever I have an epiphany of what I'm imagining at the time e.g. bathroom storage, games room, kitchen storage, laundry room and so on!

I'm obsessed with having the perfect, romantic, clutter free, neutral, calm and clean master bedroom I can imagine. This involves me having no wardrobes in the room. And because I have so much junk (I saw junk but I mean stuff) like products, clothes, shoes, accessories, childhood memorabilia I will never part with (you know that 21 teddy or flute glass, and the special gifts you received and can't part with).

I've decided to do a wardrobe goals post because I've found some really nice inspiration on Pinterest with how to layout a wardrobe and how it can look. So here goes...

As you can see I'm very into my white finish and I need a lot of hanging space (for what who knows!). I have jumpers, dresses, shirts... and weirdly I don't wear a lot of dresses or things that require hanging but maybe it's from lack of wardrobe space?!

I need the following bad storage in my life! My bags are currently thrown into the back of my wardrobe and all messy and just gathering dust!

This shoe display is goals! If I had really nice shoes I totally would love to do this in my wardrobe!

Lots of Love