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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Blogger Issues!

Hi Dolls,

I normally start my blog posts with a title, which gives me direction as to where I'm going with this, but this is a bit of a random one full of bits (lol). So here goes...

I've been MIA from my blog for quite some time for various reasons, including:
  • being a mom!
  • being a working mom
  • my eyelashes are curling inward :(
To explain these better, being a mom is hard and takes up most of your time, and working on top of that makes any personal time very difficult! I can't use my laptop when my son is awake at the moment because he always tries to pull the screen back or press the keys, which you can imagine isn't ideal if your trying to write a post or do anything!

It's hard to do beauty posts, when I'm not a makeup artist, and I've had problems with my eyes for the last few years since college, resulting in my eyelids to swell and my eyes to be covered stuff that makes my eye sight blurry (probably conjunctivitis). It stopped for a long time but since then my eye lashes began to straighten out, and more recently I noticed my left eye my lashes are curling downward!

It's hard to find motivation to blog when most of my time is consumed with my son, and keeping the house a home (normally every day chores). When I get home in the evening I have just about 2 hours with Alex before it's bed time and from there I make dinner and have an hour to myself before bed (shower, eat dinner, watch a show).

Once I get chores and that on track I will definitely try to keep up regular blogging and from here will try to do a post a week. It would be great to know what you want to see?

My social media accounts are normally always updated each day so don't forget to follow me there!

I will be back to my regular self again and will blog, and snap, and share more about me!

Lots of Love

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