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Monday, January 18, 2016

Visiting Santa

Hi Dolls,

Alex visit Santa yesterday at my mom's work children's party. So we rocked up to Santa's Grotto (which you had to walk through a dark room lit with Christmas lights) and there was good ole Santa sitting in the corner!

Alex was very unsure of who this strange man was! As it was my mom and dad's Santa pic tried to hand Alex to my mom and he was holding on tight and slightly whined but he was ok once he knew I was handing him to his Nana.

A photographer took a picture and I took these - 

As you can see Alex curled into my mom (he does this when he's shy) so I couldn't get one of his face! But I hope the one the photographer got was nice! lol

We took Alex to see Santa too in the Crescent Shopping Centre on Sunday 20th. We dressed him up in his Elf costume (from Mothercare) and went off into the shops. It was SO busy! We realised after not too long that this was the one day all the Travelers go into the shopping centre, visit Santa, do there shopping and dress up! We went straight for Santa's Grotto but it was such a waste because the que was 2 hours long! No chance were we standing there - and no way Alex would have been patient enough! We walked around did some last minute Christmas shopping and went home!

 So we went to see Santa AGAIN Tuesday morning, we went first thing in the morning to que before the grotto opened. There was just us and another lady with her son. They were actually just collecting pictures so we were first in! Due to the 10 minute delay of them opening late they let us in for free considering we didn't want any gift from Santa. We choose not to give Alex a gift because his birthday was at the end of November and we knew he'd get a lot more for Christmas so said we'd leave it behind!

When we got around the corner and spoke with the photographer while he set up his camera he told us we were lucky we didn't go on Sunday because it was so crowded and some kid tied the rope onto his dad, without the dad noticing he walked on and pulled the whole place down! The place was trashed!  And they broke the Christmas Tree in the centre... anyway back to it! So when we went to take the pic with Santa Alex started pulled my jumper, my hair and wouldn't go near him! The picture turned out a lot nicer than I expected :) I really wanted to get Alex and Santa alone too but NO CHANCE! Alex would have gotten way too upset for my liking so we didn't even try! When we were getting the docket to collect our pics, I took Alex to look at some of the Grotto decorations and then we turned around almost ready to leave and then he waves at Santa... seriously kid!! He's so funny :P
Lots of Love

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