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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I saw a Psychic Medium!

Hi dolls,

This is just a quick post! I went to see psychic medium Peter Matthew last night with my friends. Four of us went and each went individually into a dark room for 40 minutes while we spoke to him.

I went third, and my mom's dad came through, my granddad. Which I was a bit surprised by considering I was just gone 6 when he passed away. I do have some memories of him but would have expected one of my Nana's to come through as I knew them more.

He began by describing a man with rough large hands that would have done a lot of work in his time, and spoke about big work boots, that he wore jumpers with the shirt hanging out, he was like a father figure but wasn't my dad etc.

The things he told me, some made sense, other stuff didn't make sense. When I got home and told my parents my dad wasn't into that kind of stuff but my mom was listening and a bit shocked by some of the stuff I was recalling like the jumper and dogs and other things.

Peter said my granddad kept going at his nose but asked him to stop and when I mentioned that to my mom she told me my granddad used to get very bad nose bleeds.

He also asked was the Bush/Australia significant in any way - my uncle currently lives there.

There was so much more, I won't post it all on here but it was so weird the things he could tell me about my grandparents house - he described my Nan's sitting room/kitchen area and how she made cups of tea!

I really do believe the €60 was worth it.

My dad's mom passed away in 2011, I would have liked to hear she was ok, but it was my maternal grandparents came through only.

My granddad was a stronger presence but my Nana was there too.

It is so weird, such a weird feeling but it is definitely worth looking into!

One thing that is important to note is, anyone can come through. Someone you know, or someone you don't know but knows someone you know! So it may not even be information for you, but for someone you know that they want to pass on!

I was told about my past which is noted above and my future - I'll keep that under wraps in case it doesn't happen but it would be nice ;)

Lots of Love

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