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Monday, November 30, 2015

Party Time! Alex's First Birthday

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My Boy Turned 1!

As I'm writing this post my little boy is almost 14 months old! Yep, another delayed post :P

On 21st November, we had party number 1. The day began with a photo shoot at Victor Horgan's photography in Ballincollig. 

We had a party that evening for the little guy, which my friends and close family attended. I knew my cousins would love to go his birthday so it was important for me to include them! It was my way of not dragging them and my friends down to Limerick when I didn't know how the party on his birthday would turn out!
Fresh cream cake
Alex, Mommy and the girls!
My goddaughter Jessica - she cracks me up!
Cake number 2 - this was made by Alex's paternal grandmother for the Creche to celebrate his birthday. The creche gave some of the youngins cake and took some pics of Alex eating it! It was so cute <3 before="" birthday="" friday="" his="" on="" p="" saturday.="" the="" this="" was="">

Party time! November 28th Alex turned 1! We decided to have the party around 2pm in Daniel's parents house because our house is too small! Alex went swimming that morning with his dad like normal. We collected the cake then after and headed home. We got ready, Alex had a nap and went straight over for party prep and food prep.
On route to the party (no I wasn't driving)
 The cake was an idea I saw when I googled swimming cakes! Alex goes swimming with WaterBabies and it's something he loves! The cake was made by Mirka Cakes in Charleville - it's so amazing! It exceeded my expectations!

I tried to get a picture of Alex with his 1st Birthday milestone card, I asked him to show Mommy and here is what he showed me...
His outfit is all from Next. The knitted jumper is so soft and comfy, skinny jeans, shows and he has a grey and black long sleeved tee underneath.

With Auntie Gillian
Alex and his best buddy Casper
Alex and his Godmother/Auntie Aileen
Opening his pressie from Mom and Dad
On his Airplane (the pressie)
with Auntie Bethany
With maternal Grandparents
With paternal Grandparents
With mom and dad
A chalkboard poster I made

Decorations were "Retro Prints" from Photobox on a string held with mini pegs!
So much food!
We had lots of balloons too, some character ones and some 1 ones. There was a lot of food, from sandwiches to hot finger food to desserts. We had plenty of soft drinks and tea (no alcohol!) and we all rolled home in the end! LOL

I panicked and over stressed about a lot of little things but everything worked out in the end and I've learned for future birthdays ;)

Lots of Love

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