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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Christmas Wish List

Hi Dolls,

I find myself not wanting much this year so I've struggled to pull together a list! It's hard to want stuff when I need stuff more but the cost of the stuff we need is too high to put it on a "wish list".

I've been eying up the Ted Baker range available in Boots since I first spotted them. They smell amazing! There is a mint range and pink range but I can't decide which I like better but the pink is super cute ;)
Ted Baker Body Spray
Ted Baker Body Souffle
Ted Baker Body Lotion
I would love some new make up brushes. I currently use Sigma brushes and I do have some Real technique brushes from the original collection and the bold metals collection but want more! lol.

My favourite must have would be the setting brush below, and would also love a new eye shadow brush so I can recreate my smokey eye that I haven't done in a while ;)

Real Techniques Brushes
Everyone is raving about the Pippa for Blank Canvas Palette on Snapchat so I really want to get my hands on it!! I need a powder highlight and would love to try some of the shadows!
Pippa for Blank Canvas Palette
I've wanted this since I first saw it, maybe because I have the 1 and 3 Naked palettes or maybe because it's a smokey eye palette and I used to do a smokey eye all the time! When the opportunity arose to get the palette I opted out :( I feel like I barely use my palettes at the moment and having another one would be heartache not getting to use it! I don't go out as much as I used to and I wouldn't use it as often as I should!
Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette
Another product Snapchatters are raving about! As a Mom, I think this is a must have for busy on the go moms and other long haired people out there! Nowadays a bun is my friend, but I'm sick of throwing my hair up in a rush! I used to straighten my hair with the GHD or curl it (the odd time daily) but would love volume and a wave or some style! My hair looks flat when it's straightened and I can't master a nice volume without being over the top! This is my main must have for Christmas!

Another "as a Mom" product! I need this Dyson in my life! Having a "toddler" who constantly throws food around, breaks up rusks into my carpet and generally makes a mess, and having an old carpet I need a handy lightweight hoover, and the handheld hoover is an added bonus! We share a hoover with my boyfriends family (it's my boyfriends hoover but they borrow) and thats not the best arrangement at the moment when I need the hoover it's not around! So I NEED this!

I was told I'd get this hoover two years ago but I'm still waiting ;)

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner V6
This planner was brought to my attention by both the Naked Blondie and the Style Shaper have both just put up a competition to win one! I need this planner in my life! I currently have a mini filofax I got  as a Christmas gift a few years back but I NEED this because it's bigger and has stickers and weekly quotes and a notes section - I would be so organised!! Wowwee! It's available for €18 on Etsy here.
The Jane Walker 2016 Planner
I'm lusting after a new changing bag! I currently have the Storksak Bobby in Charcoal but it's just not "cutting the mustard" at the moment. With Alex becoming older I need an easier bag to carry around or one that fits on the stroller better and that has more organisation or room in it! His clothes got bigger, nappies are bigger and we'd have to carry snacks and toys and I would love somewhere accessible to hold bottles as I don't trust the side pockets in the Stroksak!
Skip-Hop Forma Backpack Changing Bag
Available in Jojomamanbebe (store in Cork)
Lots of Love

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