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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Holidays - My Christmas

Happy Holidays Everyone!

This year Christmas was scattered again between Limerick and Cork. I spent a few days before Christmas in Cork as I had some time of work and wanted to see my friends who came home for Christmas. 

We had a night out in the city on the 23rd. This was just like old times with most of us back together for some drinks and good times! We had some pre drinks at a friends house and headed into the Crane Lane. Some of the night is a bit blurry for me ;) Drinks were flowing :P

As you can imagine I woke up Christmas Eve feeling a little sensitive! I ate some toast and drank some water/Coke/Sprite (bad idea) anything to help squash the queasiness! Christmas Eve I spent a lot of the day with my mom and son. I visit my grandparents and other relatives graves with my dad today instead of Christmas Day like the 14 year tradition before that because I wouldn't be down till late Christmas Day. It's the first year in a long time my dad didn't visit his parents grave on Christmas :(

We headed home to spend the remainder of Christmas Eve with my boyfriend and Alex's dad Daniel. We visit his parents house (trying to turn this into a tradition, but this may fail!). It was a pretty chill affair with no Christmas movies and not much munching on goodies so was a little bit of a let down this year but sur we spent it with family which was nice.

When we got home, Alex went to bed around 9. Santa arrived and myself and Dan went to bed around 10.

Christmas morning we could hear Alex on the monitor around 7am so decided to get up (thinking he was awake!). Of course he was still asleep so we sat and waited... We got impatient and opened our gifts to each other :) I was a little bit annoyed by one or two of my gifts which will be explained in my what I got post ;)

Alex finally woke at 9.30am! We brought him out to the sitting room and put him down so he could walk over to all his lovely gifts from Santa. I was over by the tree trying to record his reaction but my camera wasn't filming :( It took him a minute or two to wake up and realise that there was like a mini toy shop in our sitting room all for him!

He walked over with his daddy and we started to open some presents. He was so happy and played with almost everything :) I say almost because there was so much there!

This Christmas Santa went a bit overboard for our little tot but I will have to have a word with him next Christmas because Alex would be happy out with a few toys, but wouldn't need loads. He was gifted with presents from family and friends too so he was spoiled a lot this year!

As he will be two next Christmas and a little more clued in from then on I don't want Santa setting the  bar too high for future years! I remember one year we got loads of toys and the following year got less more expensive stuff and I was a bit cranky with Santa - not knowing that the gifts were of the same value altogether but due to the fact there was more the previous year I wasn't happy ;)

After we opened presents, Alex was worn out so he had a nap after breakfast.

We went to Dan's parents house for dinner this year (my first year without my mom's cooking!). We got there after 12 and swapped presents. We had dinner around 3 - I was not impressed there was no croquettes :P lol. I brought my own stuffing to share with Daniel's sister because neither of us like onions! 

After dinner Alex was a bit tired so we decided to head away because we knew he'd sleep in the car! We drove to Cork to spend the remainder of the day with my family.

When we arrived, it was just my parents and brother, my uncle was just leaving.

My brother spent the majority of the day playing Football Manager on his laptop, Daniel spent a lot of time setting up his new laptop and I spent a lot of the day running around after a little handful ;)  Christmas with a baby/toddler is VERY different than without! Mainly good different but last year and this year I spent dinner time tending to a baby who woke from a nap wanting a bottle just as I tucked into dinner and this year spent dinner entertaining/feeding a tired bubs! Alex didn't go to bed until late Christmas night because he was overtired and had too much energy! There wasn't a lot of over eating, or Christmas shows on TV. We watched a bit of a b rated Christmas TV movie and had desert at my parents house. We all ended up in bed around 11!

*Blurry* Zooming around the kitchen in his new race car!
The next morning I wanted to go shopping but hate sales so totally avoided that situation lol. The weather wasn't great so we stayed in! Mom was sick, I was coming down with something too. Our family Christmas dinner was technically the 26th as my sister and her partner arrived and we were there but my brother was working. We had another Christmas style dinner ;) Yum yum!

We went home on the 28th because we were all very tired and sick so we said we'd give everyone a rest and take the little man home! I was also dying to take down the tree and decorations because I wanted the house to be back to normal, decluttered and have space for all Alex's new toys! 

Last Waterbabies class of 2015! 
I will go through a short post of what Alex got for Christmas too.

Lots of Love

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