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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Alex's Twelve Month Update

Hi Dolls,
This is Alex's 12 month update (late again).

Milestones: Alex took a step or two the week before his birthday! It's so cute to see his unsure-ness and his caution. He's still got 4 teeth but hopefully he'll get the others asap and all the teething will be over forever!

Sleep: Sleeping, he's pretty good but still wakes around 5 for a bottle - which is going to need to be solved soon!
Best Moment: Seeing him happy, exploring different places and things! He's a bit of a rogue as most boys are so he's trying to climb up and over things at the moment so we need to keep an eye on him at all times (more than normal). He's wearing SHOES - soft sole ones of course but shoes! He's got gigantic feet (size 18-24 months) and I could only get his size in Next.
Worst Moment: Alex is quite sick with a cough for a while now. We did Salt Therapy in Cork to help kick it for good. I would recommend the salt therapy to help beat a babies cough (the only issue I had was there pricing is so off - the website says one thing, brochure says another and staff say another).
In his first shopping centre ride
Health: As above, Alex had a bad cough for a while now, but otherwise he seems to be all good. The cough wakes him sometimes but otherwise it didn't bother him until closer the time we started the salt therapy treatments. He used to cry after coughing because it would hurt sometimes which was hard to watch.

Eating: He is a fine eater - he is eating mostly baby jars but at the 1 year mark we will be getting rid of those and giving him the same food as us (in a way) and he'll have whole foods rather than completely mashed. The messy fun is about to begin.
Things I Want To Remember: I want to remember his parties to celebrate him turning one and those who came to celebrate or sent messages to show they care and love him like we do.

He is such a happy, mischievous little guy and I wouldn't change him for the world. I'm looking forward to seeing him grow and change and explore the world as the years go on.
Perfect height to help Nana with loading (and unloading) the washing machine!
This last year has been so tough but one smile or giggle from Alex makes it all worth it. No one ever said it was easy ;)

This is it for my monthly updates but you will see posts about Alex as he grows in the future and back on with all other posts - beauty/hair/outfits/events etc. Whoo!
He's such a character!
I will be posting a seperate post about his birthday.

Lots of Love

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