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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Alex's First Halloween

Hi Dolls,

It's so weird to think this year for Halloween that I wouldn't be dressing up and going out in the city with friends, or calling to a friends house or something, but I was dressing up my baby and calling to some friends.

Sleepsuit from Dunnes Stores
I'd been thinking a while about what to dress Alex for Halloween. We had chosen a monkey costume but with having a poorly baby only a few weeks before Halloween we decided that it would be too hot and bulky to be in all day - we were thinking ahead in case the creche had a party.

I wasn't loving the options on the site I looked on because there was mainly big fluffy things or costumes we'd love him to wear when he's older. I went onto the Disney store site to see what options they had, and initially not much but I went for what I longed for, the Mickey Mouse costume with personalised hat. When I was checking out I spotted another costume I loved, Woody from Toy Story. Alex has a large Toy Story poster on his bedroom wall, and his Auntie gave him a Build-A-Bear dressed like Woody for his christening so it seemed perfect!

Alex wore his Mickey Mouse costume to creche on the Friday and he wore Woody on Halloween on the Saturday. We got both in size 12-18 months, Mickey was a bit looser and Woody was a bit tight!

We visited some family friends on Saturday, went to both grandparents houses and saw all the aunties and uncles and when we arrived in Cork at my parents house he also had a visit from a little witch (my goddaughter dressed as a witch ;)). We were up quite late with him because he had 3 marshmallows during the day and was boucing off the walls! lol

Here comes the cute pictures :D

Alex at Creche
My Mickey Mouse with his Mickey Mouse
Howdy! (hat robbed from the Build-A-Bear)
Build-A-Bear Woody, Alex Woody and Casper the dog as a ghost!
Family pic :)
Happy Halloween from ours to yours
The end of the evening with his godmother/Auntie Aileen and milestone card.
 And a throwback from last year:

Bump at Halloween 2014
Lots of Love

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