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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Alex's Eleven Month Update

Hi Doll,

I can't believe my baby is almost one and I had a big bump this time last year that was soon to pop! Keep reading to find out how my baby grew and developed for his 11th month :)

Milestones: He's dancing! My little man loves dancing to the sound of his musical train, any of his toys that play music or kiddies TV shows - but no "real music" yet ;)

Sleep: Ugh! He has been a mess with sleep - mainly due to illness but his sleep is all over the place! He fights the day time naps and used to be so good to go to bed at half 8 but now tries to last longer! The clocks changed this month which of course has thrown his somewhat schedule out the window :( He's up early and tries to sleep earlier... not fun!

Best Moment: Hearing my baby giggle and laugh, and he's such a character, when he's not being fussy he's so funny! He knows when he's being watched and tries to get away with bold things!

Worst Moment: Alex was very ill this month we thought he'd end up in hospital but luckily he pulled out of it! Explained more below!

Health: I feel like every second month I'm saying my baby was ill :( He still has that bloody cough we can't seem to kick! He's still on Calpol! Alex went to the doctor twice in two weeks, and both times we were told give him Calpol, keep up fluids etc. The second time, that day when I came home from hospital was the scariest yet :( He was so pale, limp, had no energy to cry, wants to drink and eat but kept vomiting and had such bad acidic smelling diarrhea he got a very severe dose of nappy rash! He had it all the poor babs! He was mad for cuddles and being held. But he pulled through after about 3 days from this and is doing much better. He was super clingy for a few days after being better but we don't mind the extra cuddles :)

Eating: He would eat the world if you gave it to him! He loves food! He is currently on super lumpy baby foods. We will progress him onto foods we eat when he turns one but for now he is still eating Ella's Kitchen and now some Heinz jars.

Things I Want To Remember: I want to imprint the sound of his laugh in my mind forever! He is just the sweetest little boy and his giggle always melts my heart! I love that he crawls over and puts his arms out to be picked up. He's such a bright baby for 11 months and such a rogue ;) He looks around to see if someones watching him if he notices something he's not allowed have like a charger wire and goes for it if he thinks no ones looking! He cracks me up!

Can't believe the next update is the last of the series... 12 months! It's crazy! This year has been jammed and busy but love every minute!

Lots of Love

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