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Friday, September 4, 2015

Hippenings.com is live!

Hi dolls,

I recently came across Karen at LovelyGirlyBits on snapchat. She is an Irish beauty blogger and she is absolutely hilarious! Through Karen, I came across Ellen @Waxpertsellen and Laura Cunningham @cunninghamlaura.

Laura Cunningham, editor of Confetti Magazine, has launched a fabulous website Hippenings.com. This website is full of amazingly pretty items from weddings, hen party, stationary, gifts, parties and more! You have got to go check out her amazing website.

Due to the website being so new, and so many people checking out the new site now that it's live it's showing an error for some people but that's just due to high traffic to the site! Keep checking back because it is worth a look, I got on straight away :)

Best of Luck with the site Laura.

Lots of Love


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