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Monday, September 28, 2015

Alex's Ten Month Update

Hey dolls,

I'm finally getting an Alex update post up on time for once :P Keep reading to find out about our adventurous 10 month mark! This little boy is such a mischief so seeing him grow is so much fun, stressful but so great. I'm so happy and proud of who he is growing into.
Milestones: He loves standing holding onto stuff, and going up the stairs (and down sometimes). He's a lot more curious nowadays about his surroundings and different things, it's so cute to see him looking around in shops at all the unusual and different things that he'd not seen before or was too little to bother looking at.

Sleep: His sleep has been crazy this month. Due to a cough he used to wake constantly upset with the sore cough and not being able to sleep because of it. He wakes like clockwork at between 3-4am crying out for a bottle, and then he wakes at either 6am or sleeps longer! He's a terror for moving around in his sleep so when I check on him he always has the blankets off!
Best Moment: With Alex being so poorly this month he has been in great spirits! Seeing his strength pushing through all that's happened to him the last few weeks has been amazing! He's a cheeky little monkey and loves being mischievous!

Worst Moment: With Alex being on the move so much more now he has to be watched like a hawk. He gets hurt more from slipping or trying to climb on something and falling! But it's all part of the learning and growing process! And, him being so poorly this month it was tough to watch.

Health: Alex was on antibiotics in the past 2 weeks for a very bad chesty cough :( he couldn't sleep, it was hurting him to cough and he was wheezing! So he went to the GP who gave him a liquid medicine to take and a tablet to dissolve in water to take! He's now finished the course, still coughing but not half as bad so Calpol should clear that :) He had a chesty cough, a lot more dirty nappies than normal, fighting sleep and teething. The antibiotics gave him a very strong dose of nappy rash that came on in a matter of hours - he was so sore he'd shudder and cry in pain :( Thankfully this cleared overnight so it wasn't so severe.

Eating: He's moved onto more lumpy food and he's loving it! He eats anything we give him, he's such a good boy! He ate out at a restaurant for my brothers birthday mid September. He was loving sitting at the table in a high chair and eating some chips and chicken nuggets!
Things I Want To Remember: Alex said mom for the first time Friday September 18th! I've been trying to get him to say it for so long, it was only when he was sick and I had to work did he start to say it! He's such a strong happy little boy, I can't get over how much he's achieved at such a young age!
He's mad going up and down the stairs too! He loved going up the stairs and being carried down :P haha.
He loves standing holding onto the couch too and making his way around the room! He free stands and falls at the moment but he's doing so good for his age I couldn't be prouder of the little boy he's turning into! He figured out how to come down the stairs all on his own when the door into the hallway was open and he loves going out there because it's a place he doesn't get to go very often but sees his dad go (Daniel's gaming room is out the door).
Alex had his first 'professional' haircut in Kiddie Kuts on the 12th and he looks like he enjoyed sitting in the chair curious at what was going on (I couldn't be there). When I saw the finished look I was horrified to say the least! I know it's hair and it'll grow back but the lady cut his fringe all wonky and said we'd have to train his hair to grow forward because he has two crowns on his head - that didn't make sense because his hair was growing fine!
Lots of love

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