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Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello Stranger

Hi Dolls,

I'm so sorry my blog has turned into monthly baby updates and not much else :(

I returned to work in July to the same job I finished with last September and I'm finding it hard to find the time and energy to do blog posts. My little man is keeping me busy in the evening after work and the weekends. My partner minds him while I'm at work so it's only fair he has some free time in the evening when I'm home.

I sit in front of a screen all day typing away so it's hard to go home and sit in front of the screen! My boyfriend's always hogging my laptop too for football manager!

Moving on from all the excuses, I was away in Birmingham at the weekend to visit my Dad's cousins and family. It was my second cousins 10 year anniversary of her passing so her daughter, Laura, wanted to mark the occasion. I jumped at the opportunity to go as I'd never been, I'd never met Laura in person and it was Alex's first opportunity to go abroad and meet family.

I will do a post on this at the weekend, with some pics that were taken, I didn't get many myself.

I will post a link to the Birmingham takeover/adventure here when it's done :)

Thanks for reading.

Lots of Love

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