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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Alex's Nine Month Update

Hi dolls,

So I can't believe I'm editing Alex's 9 month update. He has grown so quickly. Having a baby really makes you realise how quickly life passes by! At 9 months Alex has changed so fast.
Milestones: Baby's on the move! Alex is now crawling like a wild thing! He moves so fast it scares me for when he can walk (and run!). 

He is also propping himself up on the edge of the couch, on the bottom step of the stairs, on people legs when they are sitting down, any where really. He is so strong at standing with support it's crazy.

He's also really found his voice in the last few weeks. He knows screaming or coughing get's him attention! He is also saying Mama, Dada and Baba quite clearly which is exciting :)

Sleep: Alex has slipped back into a good enough sleep pattern at night time. He isn't the best day napper but we are trying to somehow change this :(

Best Moment: Seeing Alex prop himself up at the end of the stairs and be able to stand with support, he is so proud of himself when he does it he puts on his big cheesy grin!

Worst Moment: Now that he's on the move, Alex bumps off of stuff a lot more and hurts himself. So I don't like to see it happen but I know it's all a learning curve :(

Health: He got another eye infection this month which I'm not too happy about. I think he got shampoo in his eye when being washed after a dirty nappy but I'm not sure! He has a slight cough the past few days but I think it's because of all his screaming hurting his throat. He hasn't been teething much at all this month which I think its good but bad :(

Eating: Alex would eat anything you put in front of him. He's recently moved onto more textured foods which is great. He eats a bit of fruit, yoghurt or puree as a snack during the day and he has Ella's kitchen dinner's at the moment. Once he's into more textures he will start eating what we are eating.

Things I Want To Remember: Alex went on his first flight! I will have a separate post up on this soon and will link it here once done :)
First time in a big boy trolley
He's such a long baby!
All grown up :(
Dressing gown from my1styears
Loves the swings :)
Lots of Love

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