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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Alex's Nine Month Update

Hi dolls,

So I can't believe I'm editing Alex's 9 month update. He has grown so quickly. Having a baby really makes you realise how quickly life passes by! At 9 months Alex has changed so fast.
Milestones: Baby's on the move! Alex is now crawling like a wild thing! He moves so fast it scares me for when he can walk (and run!). 

He is also propping himself up on the edge of the couch, on the bottom step of the stairs, on people legs when they are sitting down, any where really. He is so strong at standing with support it's crazy.

He's also really found his voice in the last few weeks. He knows screaming or coughing get's him attention! He is also saying Mama, Dada and Baba quite clearly which is exciting :)

Sleep: Alex has slipped back into a good enough sleep pattern at night time. He isn't the best day napper but we are trying to somehow change this :(

Best Moment: Seeing Alex prop himself up at the end of the stairs and be able to stand with support, he is so proud of himself when he does it he puts on his big cheesy grin!

Worst Moment: Now that he's on the move, Alex bumps off of stuff a lot more and hurts himself. So I don't like to see it happen but I know it's all a learning curve :(

Health: He got another eye infection this month which I'm not too happy about. I think he got shampoo in his eye when being washed after a dirty nappy but I'm not sure! He has a slight cough the past few days but I think it's because of all his screaming hurting his throat. He hasn't been teething much at all this month which I think its good but bad :(

Eating: Alex would eat anything you put in front of him. He's recently moved onto more textured foods which is great. He eats a bit of fruit, yoghurt or puree as a snack during the day and he has Ella's kitchen dinner's at the moment. Once he's into more textures he will start eating what we are eating.

Things I Want To Remember: Alex went on his first flight! I will have a separate post up on this soon and will link it here once done :)
First time in a big boy trolley
He's such a long baby!
All grown up :(
Dressing gown from my1styears
Loves the swings :)
Lots of Love

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello Stranger

Hi Dolls,

I'm so sorry my blog has turned into monthly baby updates and not much else :(

I returned to work in July to the same job I finished with last September and I'm finding it hard to find the time and energy to do blog posts. My little man is keeping me busy in the evening after work and the weekends. My partner minds him while I'm at work so it's only fair he has some free time in the evening when I'm home.

I sit in front of a screen all day typing away so it's hard to go home and sit in front of the screen! My boyfriend's always hogging my laptop too for football manager!

Moving on from all the excuses, I was away in Birmingham at the weekend to visit my Dad's cousins and family. It was my second cousins 10 year anniversary of her passing so her daughter, Laura, wanted to mark the occasion. I jumped at the opportunity to go as I'd never been, I'd never met Laura in person and it was Alex's first opportunity to go abroad and meet family.

I will do a post on this at the weekend, with some pics that were taken, I didn't get many myself.

I will post a link to the Birmingham takeover/adventure here when it's done :)

Thanks for reading.

Lots of Love

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Working Mom

Hey dolls,

If you follow me on Twitter / Snapchat / Instagram, you will know I went back to work at the beginning of the month.

Returning to work as a mom for the first time can be very difficult and emotional. There is so much to think about, who will look after the baby when your at work, if it's a creche or childminder are they expensive, if it's a family member or friend can you trust them to look after your precious baby like you have been doing the last X amount of weeks? If you lucky enough to work for yourself, there may come a time later in your babies life, before they hit school age, that you feel you need a few hours in the day to focus on work stuff without the distractions. 
Emotionally, there is withdrawal from just it being you and baby to you at work and baby wherever you choose to have him taken care of while your busy earning. 

I chose to go back to work as both me and my boyfriend were unemployed and the opportunity came up for me to return to the job I had before my contract ended in September 2014. I found it hard to be a stay at home mom, because where I live you can't just load up the buggy and go for a stroll, you have to pack up the car and drive 10 minutes to the nearest park or safe place to walk. I was gaining weight (went up a stone and a half since having him) more than I'd liked because I was just sitting around eating and not getting much exercise. Even when I would go for walks they would be short because Alex would get fussy or hungry, especially when he's teething. I wasn't happy as a stay at home mom because my frustrations were showing, I was very impatient and I had a short fuse. Now, when I come home from work I leave the stressful day behind and get home to a smiling face who loves to see me, give me a big hug and we play until it's his bathtime/feeding time/bedtime. Even thought we don't have long in the day from Monday to Friday, we enjoy the time we do have a lot more than before, and I have an income that supports us for now.

As I'm only temporary in this position I need to be watchful for permanent positions. It is very important for my family, and me, to have stability. We have a '5 year plan' (lol) which includes both of us working, an extension to the house, an engagement and eventually a wedding. None of these things can happen if we don't have stability. I completely believe job hunting in Ireland is still tough, the recession is still there but the 'figures' show low unemployment so everyone thinks the world is back to normal - it's not! Those unemployed went to college, have trades, worked hard at one time and now can't find anything! It's a joke!

Back to the point, my boyfriend sends me snapchats of Alex during the day which keeps me going. I love seeing him happy face when he's hanging out with his dad.

Alex goes to a local creche twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday). He goes for full days (9am to 5pm). He seems to be getting on great and I'm so proud of my little man and how great he is at adapting. He will be going for 3 days from mid-August. I'm excited for him because he'll develop around other babies his age or close in age, he can play and have fun, they feed him some strange stuff I never thought of (chicken curry) and his dad has some time to sort stuff during the week. The creche looks great and he seems to love it there! My only problem  is he seems to be very tired when he gets home - too much excitement I'd say!

I do find it hard to be away from Alex, especially when we spent all day every day together for 7 months (give or take a day or two)! I miss hearing him giggle, and going for walks in the day time, random outings and shopping trips, cuddles and seeing his reaction to new foods and flavours! I know I'll miss milestones because I'm not around but I have to tell myself it's for the best, it is but it's nice :(

Lots of Love

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