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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Alex's Seven Month Update

Hey dolls,

Yes, this post is late (again!). Every month I apologise for putting these up late - it's mainly because I forget to do them, this month though I did a 10km charity walk on his 7 month 'birthday' so I didn't think to do this post! And now it's a week late because I got sidetracked, whoops!!

Milestones: Alex has been 'talking' a lot more the past few weeks, it is the cutest thing. He rounds his lips and says woa woa woa a lot. He is also rolling around loads too, he moves so fast! One minute he's on his playmat the next he's across the room by the TV!

Sleep: Alex had his first cold so this threw his sleep off a bit :/ he slept a lot more during the day but at night he woke due to his blocked nose or cough :( He is now waking around 5am for a bottle most mornings and again at 8 or 9, before he's sleep through until 8.

Best Moment: I have to say the best moment was the holiday we went on. Our house is quite small and the holiday lodge we stayed in was huge and he had so much space to roll. The holiday also enticed him to start the motions of crawling! He's planking his body and now more recently he's pushing up on his knees, he's not moving yet but it's great to see each step develop.

Worst Moment: When Alex had his fever :( Alex's daddy was out celebrating the end of college and I was looking after him with his Aunty. He woke around 10 and wouldn't go back to sleep, he was very red and warm to touch. I put a cold face cloth on his forehead and gave him a bottle. He eventually drifted off but I kept an eye on his temperature. We decided not to let him swim Saturday morning, he had a cold :( then after this he got an eye infection, his eye was seeping a lot so I took him to the doc for some eye drops that cleared it up quite quickly.

Health: As explained above Alex had a his first cold, fever and eye infection: otherwise he's been great!

Eating: We are weaning him onto foods now at the moment. He is such a good feeder! There are a few more goods I need to give him like avocado, banana, oranges and a few more! And we will be introducing breakfast into his feeding each day from now onward.

Things I Want To Remember: I love hearing Alex laugh, it is the sweetest sound and I want to save it forever <3 he is loving sitting up (being held) so he can play with his feet lol! He is sitting a bit more on his own, hopefully he'll master it this month :)

Also I'm trying to sort Alex's passport as we're going to Birmingham in August. Getting a picture proved impossible at home! :

Lots of Love

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