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Monday, July 27, 2015

Alex's Eight Month Update

Hey dolls,

Milestones: Alex can sit up on his own! I am such a proud momma!! Last Monday week I came home from work and decided to sit Alex up with some cushions around him to get him used to sitting up. All of a sudden he was just sitting there, no wobbles or tilting over, he was just sitting. It was so cute and amazing to see, I totally wasn't expecting it :)

Sleep:Ahhh, he used to be such a good sleeping baby! So I had Alex in Cork at my parents house for the weekend. It was up to me to do all the nighttime feeds (all being normally one). Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night I was up 3-4 times with him. Whether it was he rolled over in his travel cot and got frustrated and woke up because he was stuck on his front, or he was just hungry. So each night around half 1 in the morning I ended up just bringing Alex into the bed with me because I was so tired I couldn't be dealing with hopping in and out of bed every 2 hours :( He wakes about 2-3 times a night, once for bottle and twice for either dummy or he's stuck on his belly. It's so tiring but hopefully just a phase.

Best Moment: I have to say seeing him sit up on his own! He has the tickles a lot more too. I went back to work this month so Alex gives me big smiles (most days) when I get home and they just make all the shite that happened during the day just melt away :) Alex seems to be a lot happier now that his stress ball of a mommy is gone away for a chunk of the day - it may sound awful but I know he picks up on my impatience, stress and anxiety and it's not something I want to pass onto him. I do try my best but it's all still new to me 8 months in!
Mommy and Alex celebrating my 26th Birthday
Worst Moment: Alex had a phase of dirty nappies and he would leak out of almost all of them! He would soil his clothes which can get messy especially when your out and about! Alex soiled himself in the creche and we had only given one set of spare clothes and a second spare vest. Luckily there was a spare vest but the poor baby came home in toddlers size 2-3 pyjamas because he had no clothes :( lol.

To explain the above image - my mom, Alex and I decided t o go for a walk in the park. We had just pulled up to park and my mom noticed Alex had a dirty nappy and leaked out (all over the cream car set inserts!). We had to change him in the boot of my car on a sunny but windy ish day! It was so awkward and hilarious! He was having a great time rolling around naked in the middle of a car park! 

Health: He has been pretty good this month, other than the suspected bug in his system causing the dirty nappies. His teething has only flared up again in the last week or so, poor bubs gets tormented sometimes he'd chew anything (like earlier chewed my work badge!).

Eating: We have been giving him Ella's Kitchen Stage 2 (7+ months) textured meals. He absolutely loves the flavours and just wants more all the time. The Ella's Kitchen range has some amazing flavours I'd never have thought to mix together. It's disappointing that I can't get access to the full range in Tesco or Dunnes nearby or near my parents house.

Things I Want To Remember: I want to remember all the smiles, and giggles, and his excited gasp! The sounds he makes from trying to talk to laughing, it melts my heart with warmth to hear the noises he makes! Just love him so so much and all his little sounds and movements :)

Lots of Love

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