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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

More Tattoos!!

Hi dolls,

As I'm away on holiday, I thought it would the perfect time to write this post and share with you my plans for a new tattoo - well more than one ;) 

For my son's christening my friend Molly, who works in a tattoo shop in Cork City gave me a voucher for a free tattoo with my sons name. I hadn't planned to get his name tattooed on me, but I had planned to get a larger piece incorporating all things I love, including flowers, make-up/beauty products and something to include Alex and his dad. I know I know, never get a tattoo with a man's name etc. It won't be his name, it will just include something about him.

Many tattoo artists and websites recommend following tattoo artists and posts on instagram, rather than researching on Pinterest, but that's where I went. I found the following pictures and these will be the inspiration for my next tattoo. I do want a few more, more than one!

I love the idea of incorporating beauty products and the hibiscus flower together in a tattoo design like the one above. I like the idea of the cartoon look, but I'd want it to be less than the one above and a bit more realistic but not too real.
I love the idea of a white ink tattoo. They are lightly seen but still there. I wouldn't want this on my finger but I love the font and idea of having this tattoo! This tattoo would be for my partner as it's a lovely tattoo and I want something but don't want his name or any comic related tattoo's! lol #want

For as long as I can remember I've wanted wings tattooed on my back! There's a slight tackiness to it I think because it seems so over done but I've wanted it for so long but could never find the right set of wings! I've also slightly ruined my chance of getting this tattoo having a bow on the back of my neck - I think the wings may look weird by the bow!
I am Tinkerbell obsessed. I buy both my goddaughters something Tinkerbell for every birthday, whether it's a toy or a card or a gift bag! I love this design as it's Tink inspired but not childish in any way and still shows Tinkerbell in a simple way.

I do want to get a tattoo to represent my son but I want to wait until I finish having children before I take that plunge as who know's how many I'll have - we want to stop at 2! lol

I want to lose weight first and treat myself with a new tattoo, as I don't want anymore tattoo's until I have made a start on the body I want because if I lose weight after getting any more tattoos they may stretch or go out of shape. I hope to get the above tattoo's in the next few years but I must place them carefully because I don't want to be too openly covered in tattoos due to work.

Lots of Love

*All pics taken from Pinterest

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