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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Killaloe Pink Ribbon Walk - 2nd Walk

Hey dolls,

Sunday June 28th I completed the Killaloe Pink Ribbon Walk. It is a 10km walk to raise money for breast cancer research. The walk in run every year and this year was the 5th walk, my 2nd walk.

I woke up at around 9.45am, I started to get ready and spent some time with my small man. I had my breakfast, packed up my spare bottle of water, earphones, inhaler (just in case), scissors and sponsorship card and money. I hit the road at 10.30am, stopped for petrol and had to stop at an atm too. I made it to the Lakeside Hotel by 11.30 as planned. I went into the conference room to sign in, get my walk number (0072), then signed the health and safety form, collected my t-shirt and went over to sort the ribbon (below) and receive my 2nd walk pin (photo above). Each walker is provided the opportunity to write a name on a ribbon for someone they are walking for, or someone they know who has breast cancer, or died from it, so they are remembered/thought of on the day. I don't personally know anyone who has or had breast cancer so I was asked to put down Patrice, a friend of my boyfriend's sister who was recently diagnosed at a young age. I brought along scissors to cut up my t-shirt as I had been inspired by many people during my first walk in 2013. Awkwardly though I didn't see anyone with a cut up tee this year (woops)!

Selfie in my cut up tee
All the ribbons with names on are brought outside by the volunteers and placed along a ribbon for everyone to see, and for everyone to know that we are walking for these people and all who are affected with breast cancer.
Yes, this is a man dressed as a lady
And we're off!
The race began at 1.16pm, the first 2km were over so quick I nearly didn't believe it when I saw the 2km sign. But after this point the walkers seemed to spread a bit more, not many were stopped at the water stations like the previous year (this is where I thought I'd get some catch up on some people!). In the last 2km my legs started to cramp up but I knew if I stopped I'd never finish! I also passed my car 1 minute from the finish line and thought I could just go home but wanted my medal and wanted my free burger :P

At the end of the race each walker/runner is given a hamburger and ice cream. There is activities and a band (The Prophets were there this year) to keep the party going. I went straight to my car as I was alone and my runner had cut my ankle. Once I got to the car I knew I had done some damage! I was so sore and stiff.
I thought I was red faced from walking for 1 hour and 48 minutes but no, I was badly sunburnt (see pics below!). It was quite windy before the warm up started and I got a bit of a chill, then it rained a little, then the warm up happened and the sun was blasting down! I'm a bit of an eejit when it comes to sun protection! I need to get an SPF day cream :(

The walk is on in 4 locations through out the year, Meath, Killaloe, Kinsale and Kenmare. I've walked in Killaloe twice, there are approx. 5 hills!! I would be interested in doing the Kinsale walk as the views can be amazing but it's very hilly too!

In 2013, I contributed to raising €217,362 between 3 locations. Once I know how much 2015 raised I will update this post.

Everything ran smoothly, there was bottles of water, banana's, nuts and nature valley bars for walkers before the walk began. Well done to chairperson Carmel and all the hard working 'pink ladies and gents' who put together the walk and organised it so well.

Lots of Love

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