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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

More Tattoos!!

Hi dolls,

As I'm away on holiday, I thought it would the perfect time to write this post and share with you my plans for a new tattoo - well more than one ;) 

For my son's christening my friend Molly, who works in a tattoo shop in Cork City gave me a voucher for a free tattoo with my sons name. I hadn't planned to get his name tattooed on me, but I had planned to get a larger piece incorporating all things I love, including flowers, make-up/beauty products and something to include Alex and his dad. I know I know, never get a tattoo with a man's name etc. It won't be his name, it will just include something about him.

Many tattoo artists and websites recommend following tattoo artists and posts on instagram, rather than researching on Pinterest, but that's where I went. I found the following pictures and these will be the inspiration for my next tattoo. I do want a few more, more than one!

I love the idea of incorporating beauty products and the hibiscus flower together in a tattoo design like the one above. I like the idea of the cartoon look, but I'd want it to be less than the one above and a bit more realistic but not too real.
I love the idea of a white ink tattoo. They are lightly seen but still there. I wouldn't want this on my finger but I love the font and idea of having this tattoo! This tattoo would be for my partner as it's a lovely tattoo and I want something but don't want his name or any comic related tattoo's! lol #want

For as long as I can remember I've wanted wings tattooed on my back! There's a slight tackiness to it I think because it seems so over done but I've wanted it for so long but could never find the right set of wings! I've also slightly ruined my chance of getting this tattoo having a bow on the back of my neck - I think the wings may look weird by the bow!
I am Tinkerbell obsessed. I buy both my goddaughters something Tinkerbell for every birthday, whether it's a toy or a card or a gift bag! I love this design as it's Tink inspired but not childish in any way and still shows Tinkerbell in a simple way.

I do want to get a tattoo to represent my son but I want to wait until I finish having children before I take that plunge as who know's how many I'll have - we want to stop at 2! lol

I want to lose weight first and treat myself with a new tattoo, as I don't want anymore tattoo's until I have made a start on the body I want because if I lose weight after getting any more tattoos they may stretch or go out of shape. I hope to get the above tattoo's in the next few years but I must place them carefully because I don't want to be too openly covered in tattoos due to work.

Lots of Love

*All pics taken from Pinterest

Killaloe Pink Ribbon Walk - 2nd Walk

Hey dolls,

Sunday June 28th I completed the Killaloe Pink Ribbon Walk. It is a 10km walk to raise money for breast cancer research. The walk in run every year and this year was the 5th walk, my 2nd walk.

I woke up at around 9.45am, I started to get ready and spent some time with my small man. I had my breakfast, packed up my spare bottle of water, earphones, inhaler (just in case), scissors and sponsorship card and money. I hit the road at 10.30am, stopped for petrol and had to stop at an atm too. I made it to the Lakeside Hotel by 11.30 as planned. I went into the conference room to sign in, get my walk number (0072), then signed the health and safety form, collected my t-shirt and went over to sort the ribbon (below) and receive my 2nd walk pin (photo above). Each walker is provided the opportunity to write a name on a ribbon for someone they are walking for, or someone they know who has breast cancer, or died from it, so they are remembered/thought of on the day. I don't personally know anyone who has or had breast cancer so I was asked to put down Patrice, a friend of my boyfriend's sister who was recently diagnosed at a young age. I brought along scissors to cut up my t-shirt as I had been inspired by many people during my first walk in 2013. Awkwardly though I didn't see anyone with a cut up tee this year (woops)!

Selfie in my cut up tee
All the ribbons with names on are brought outside by the volunteers and placed along a ribbon for everyone to see, and for everyone to know that we are walking for these people and all who are affected with breast cancer.
Yes, this is a man dressed as a lady
And we're off!
The race began at 1.16pm, the first 2km were over so quick I nearly didn't believe it when I saw the 2km sign. But after this point the walkers seemed to spread a bit more, not many were stopped at the water stations like the previous year (this is where I thought I'd get some catch up on some people!). In the last 2km my legs started to cramp up but I knew if I stopped I'd never finish! I also passed my car 1 minute from the finish line and thought I could just go home but wanted my medal and wanted my free burger :P

At the end of the race each walker/runner is given a hamburger and ice cream. There is activities and a band (The Prophets were there this year) to keep the party going. I went straight to my car as I was alone and my runner had cut my ankle. Once I got to the car I knew I had done some damage! I was so sore and stiff.
I thought I was red faced from walking for 1 hour and 48 minutes but no, I was badly sunburnt (see pics below!). It was quite windy before the warm up started and I got a bit of a chill, then it rained a little, then the warm up happened and the sun was blasting down! I'm a bit of an eejit when it comes to sun protection! I need to get an SPF day cream :(

The walk is on in 4 locations through out the year, Meath, Killaloe, Kinsale and Kenmare. I've walked in Killaloe twice, there are approx. 5 hills!! I would be interested in doing the Kinsale walk as the views can be amazing but it's very hilly too!

In 2013, I contributed to raising €217,362 between 3 locations. Once I know how much 2015 raised I will update this post.

Everything ran smoothly, there was bottles of water, banana's, nuts and nature valley bars for walkers before the walk began. Well done to chairperson Carmel and all the hard working 'pink ladies and gents' who put together the walk and organised it so well.

Lots of Love

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Alex's Seven Month Update

Hey dolls,

Yes, this post is late (again!). Every month I apologise for putting these up late - it's mainly because I forget to do them, this month though I did a 10km charity walk on his 7 month 'birthday' so I didn't think to do this post! And now it's a week late because I got sidetracked, whoops!!

Milestones: Alex has been 'talking' a lot more the past few weeks, it is the cutest thing. He rounds his lips and says woa woa woa a lot. He is also rolling around loads too, he moves so fast! One minute he's on his playmat the next he's across the room by the TV!

Sleep: Alex had his first cold so this threw his sleep off a bit :/ he slept a lot more during the day but at night he woke due to his blocked nose or cough :( He is now waking around 5am for a bottle most mornings and again at 8 or 9, before he's sleep through until 8.

Best Moment: I have to say the best moment was the holiday we went on. Our house is quite small and the holiday lodge we stayed in was huge and he had so much space to roll. The holiday also enticed him to start the motions of crawling! He's planking his body and now more recently he's pushing up on his knees, he's not moving yet but it's great to see each step develop.

Worst Moment: When Alex had his fever :( Alex's daddy was out celebrating the end of college and I was looking after him with his Aunty. He woke around 10 and wouldn't go back to sleep, he was very red and warm to touch. I put a cold face cloth on his forehead and gave him a bottle. He eventually drifted off but I kept an eye on his temperature. We decided not to let him swim Saturday morning, he had a cold :( then after this he got an eye infection, his eye was seeping a lot so I took him to the doc for some eye drops that cleared it up quite quickly.

Health: As explained above Alex had a his first cold, fever and eye infection: otherwise he's been great!

Eating: We are weaning him onto foods now at the moment. He is such a good feeder! There are a few more goods I need to give him like avocado, banana, oranges and a few more! And we will be introducing breakfast into his feeding each day from now onward.

Things I Want To Remember: I love hearing Alex laugh, it is the sweetest sound and I want to save it forever <3 he is loving sitting up (being held) so he can play with his feet lol! He is sitting a bit more on his own, hopefully he'll master it this month :)

Also I'm trying to sort Alex's passport as we're going to Birmingham in August. Getting a picture proved impossible at home! :

Lots of Love

Friday, June 19, 2015

My Most Used Products of 2014

Hi Dolls,

Here is a list of the products I used most during the past year! Due to my pregnancy and lack of wearing makeup, and lack of energy to do anything but moisturize my legs and bump the list is very pitiful this year! I included the products I found myself reaching for more than any other product of it's kind!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette- I got this from my sister for Christmas 2013 and have not been able to stay away from it! I am constantly using the shadows in this palette! I love the variety of nude and dark shades.
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation - this foundation is the perfect one for me! It matches my skin tone, it sets on my skin (a lot of foundations don't settle and look greasy). I find the coverage enough for me to look natural during the day but I am still hunting for my perfect nighttime or event time foundation!
Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara or Benefit They're Real Mascara - I got a travel size Smashbox mascara for Christmas and I find myself reaching for it more than my other mascara's. The Benefit mascara I use for nights out or date nights or any other time out I like a bit more of a lash effect.

Benefit High Beam -This is my go to highlighter. I guess it's mainly because I haven't expanded to other highlighters. I also think this product is best for daytime use more than evening, but I still reach for it for any occasion. It doesn't leave a mark and blends well with my makeup.
Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder - This is always in my handbag with a kabuki brush. It is 'translucent' and blends my foundation, removes shine and helps set my makeup for the day ahead. I've used other translucent powders but this one is by far the best. I use the application pad that comes with it or a kabuki brush and both work well!
Vaseline Spray and Go - This was my moisturizer of the year! Because it's a spray on moisturiser, it dries quickly and blends well and isn't greasy. I was pregnant for most of 2014 so I needed a product that had minimum effort as time went on but still kept me moisturized.
L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner - When I first used this Shampoo and Conditioner I found it to be amazing. My hair was thicker and fresher than I've ever felt it before. I believe these products were the reason why I had such good, shiny conditioned hair during and after my pregnancy. I have been advised that pregnant women should have dull lifeless hair once they have a baby, but mine was so shiny and healthy looking and feeling! I've had to replace the products 3 times, but I'm moving to another product now as my hair has become immune to the thickening in the product, I will return to it!!
(This post was so delayed because I had intended on taking pictures of each of the products but I ended up having to google them because some of these products are finished now and binned!)

Lots of Love