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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Alex's Six Month Update

Hey dolls,

So this post is a few days late again like always! We were busy celebrating Alex's dad's 30th Birthday. Alex has changed so much in the last few weeks, he's growing up so fast :(

Milestones: Alex is rolling around mad nowadays. He used to hate being on his tummy but now he wants to be lying on his tummy more. It's great he's progressing, but scary he can move so much so quick! When I was pregnant during ultrasounds they would comment on how much he moves and how active he was. Now it's coming out for real!

Also, we have teeth!! Alex has been in the wars with his teeth the last week, and a lot two days ago! My mom noticed that he had a clunk sound when chewing on his dungarees strap so we checked and his two bottom teeth have come through!!

Sleep: His sleep pattern has changed in the last week due to teething. He now wakes twice during the night which he didn't do in the past :( He was so good, he still is to be fair but it'd getting us back to tired-ville!

Best Moment: I have to say seeing him roll over and move for toys he wants is so heartwarming as his frustration at not being able to reach something has gone. He is making crawling motions but isn't pushing up on his arms yet so he ends up pushing his face into his play mat to get around!

Worst Moment: we haven't had any bad moments except for his teething when he gets really upset and it's hard to see him in pain and not being able to help except for giving him teetha sachets, which he loves!

Health: Luckily Alex hasn't had a cold or anything yet (I hope I don't jinx us!). His teeth have been at him like mad the last week or so but otherwise he is a healthy growing little bubs.

Eating: We have started weaning Alex. We first used baby rice, then banana and strawberry porridge and now he is currently having cow & gate fruit puree's. He has had apple and pear puree, and next he will be moving onto Broccali, then carrot, then pear alone. I really wanted to make puree's myself but for first tastes I don't mind giving him the pre-made puree's but cow & gate! I don't mind giving him baby jars at the beginning either. I will be using my Anna Karmel baby recipe book to make him some dinner's as time goes on.

Things I want to Remember: Obviously I want to remember when he got him first teeth! He has giggles a lot more now and he has the tickles which is fun when changing him or playing with him :P I want to remember those sweet smiles he gives me when he just wakes up in the morning, or the glance he gives right before he drifts off to sleep.

Alex went swimming for the first time this week with his dad, outside of his swimming classes with Water Babies Ireland. It was a bit colder than he was used to but he enjoyed swimming with his dad and swimming after the rubber duck.

I made the collages above using this webpage.

Lots of Love

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