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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Alex's Five Month Update

Hi Dolls,

I'm finally getting around to doing Alex's 5 month update! This has been a busy week! A friend of mine came home from the UK, this was her first time meeting Alex and had a wedding during the May bank holiday weekend (post coming soon).

Milestones: Alex rolled over for the first time on Friday, May 1st. I missed it as I wasn't in the room, but he rolled over for his daddy and grandad. I was a bit jealous when I first heard because I presumed I'd see this milestone first! Both my dad, Alex's grandad, and Daniel, Alex's dad, both were on their phone's or iPad's at the time (lol typical) and when they looked up he was on his tummy!

Sleep: Alex is an amazing baby for sleeping. He usually goes to sleep approximately 9.30pm/10.00pm at the latest and wakes at 7.30am for his morning feed. He normally drops off to sleep after his last bottle or drifts off in his cot. He usually drifts off easily during the day when he gets tired but I haven't determined a proper sleep routine yet :( 

Best Moment: We had Alex baptised this month on 12th April. We had our nearest and dearest there together. Along with this, Alex has also started weaning with baby rice. He is on day 3 and  getting on great!

Worst Moment: Alex burst a blood vessel in his eye last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning! This was the first time I ever panicked as it was his eye and is quite serious! Also, the blood in his eye looked very alarming to me! I took him to the GP straight away! She took one look at him and just said 'Calm down', 'Relax', 'It's normal', etc. She advised it's perfectly normal to happen to babies and could look worse before getting better! Luckily it went away without getting worse, but the initial shock was scary!

Health: Other than the above, Alex's health is good. In the last month, he got chubbier legs ;) Super cute! He is a fine bunter of a baby (lol). Alex has been teething, but it occurs for a period in a day maybe once a week, he loves his Sophie teether and we use Teetha sachets to ease him if it gets really bad!

Eating: Alex has started eating baby rice this week! I attempted to wean him (with Milupa baby rice) after 18 weeks but he wasn't really interested. I decided to wait until after his christening. After lots of 'signs' we decided to start him off  :) We are currently not doing baby led weaning, but we may transition into this when Alex is trying more flavoured and varied foods.

Things I want to Remember: I want to remember everything :P I want to remember Alex's giggles, he's really starting to giggle more and loves getting tickled. He became more fussy this month being in his bouncer so we decided to put him on the floor most the time and it has done him a lot of good because he rolled over, which is a major deal. I love him exploring and playing with toys. And he's started holding his own bottle and feeding himself!

Also, Alex had his first ever photoshoot this month, it was underwater! Can't wait to share the result with you! The pictures turned out amazing - we're so excited to turn the pictures into mugs, keyrings, cushions, canvases... and lots more ;) hehe. 

Lots of Love

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