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Sunday, May 31, 2015

30th Party #30for30

Hi Dolls,

It was my boyfriend Daniel's 30th birthday yesterday, May 29th. We celebrated with a party in a local pub with family and friends last weekend. So this is kind of 3 part post in 1: the cake, the party and the presents.

The Cake:
My sister and I made this 3 tiered Marvel and DC inspired birthday cake for Daniel. I drew up an idea with him a few weeks beforehand. I asked my sister if she'd help me make the cake as I've never made one like this before. The top tier is transformers, middle tier is superman, and bottom tier is batman. We also included Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield, Iron Man's mask and Hulk's hand. The top and bottom layers are both Guinness chocolate cake and the middle tier was a vanilla sponge cake with strawberry filling.

We started making the cakes the day before the party, but in tiredness we forgot to add flour into Nigella's recipe and the cakes didn't cook properly (obviously!). We gave up then and decided to start again in the morning - due to this the day got away from us and things got a bit hectic.

The Party:
The party was held in Geary's in Charleville. We decorated the place with banners and balloons. We had hot food (provided by the bar), sandwiches (made by Daniel's mom), cupcakes from the Cupcake Cottage and the cake. Daniel's friend's and family were there and some of my friend's made the trip from Cork to celebrate with us. We had a great evening. The pub made the 30th birthday frame (in pics below) so we had great fun taking lots of pics with it!

The Birthday Day:
I went a bit mad with presents, as I figured you only turn 30 once! I decided to get Daniel 30 presents for turning 30 (#30for30). I wrapped most of them and layed them out on our bed for the stroke of midnight for him to open them (he usually stays up gaming til about 1am). When we got upstairs I turned on the light and all the presents were laid out for him. He was shocked but happy! Outlined below (with pics is what he got).

The presents layed out on the bed
Batman socks, €20 from M&S
Kimi (Raikkonen) t-shirt, Red Bubble (here)
Personalised hoodie (designed by me), here (UK only - unless you use Parcel Motel)
€50 for Go Karting with his buds (why this came out upside down is unknown to me! And I can't fix it!)
iTunes Voucher
Spiderman Wall Crawler, €4.99 from Smyths
Galaxy Chocolate (on offer in Dunnes ;))
€40 Lifestyle Sport Voucher
DC Batman LED Lite Keyring, €9.99 from Smyths
Saving jar (must be smashed), €13 from a gift store
Personalised iPad cover from PhotoBox
Transformers BluRay Boxset from HMV
Formula 1 Book from Eason
Cantebury pants from Lifestyle Sport and boxers from Primark
Batman book from Eason
Groot bobblehead
Lego Superheroes The Riddler Chase (here)
Shower gels from Boots (2 for price of 1 on Nivea range at the mo)
Framed batman picture, HMV
Personalised photo book, filled with Daniel's comic drawings from his childhood, Photobox
Lego Cuusoo Ghostbusters, here
Personalised 3 picture mug from Photobox (amazing quality)
Nivea Men Skin Energy Moisture Gel, Boots (currently on offer in most supermarkets)
We are also sending Daniel to Manchester to see a Man. Utd. match, his party, cake and spending money for Manchester are all included in the #30for30 presents ;)

Also, sorry about the picture quality, I took the pictures at midnight as he went through each present as I knew I'd never get all the presents together for pictures again!!

Lots of Love

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