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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Four Year Anniversary (Late post!)

Hey dolls,

I just realized I never posted this! Our anniversary lies on January 21st/22nd 2011, these were the happiest day ever. We decided to celebrate our anniversary on 22nd going forward to avoid confusion ;) As mentioned in a previous blog post Daniel and I met online on a dating website known as Plenty of Fish or nowadays known as POF. There has been a lot of bad press lately about meeting people online, same as was in the news a few years back! 

We went to Jasmin Palace Chinese Restaurant in Limerick city and to the cinema to see Taken 3. Daniel's sister babysat for us. The restaurant decor had changed since we were last there, it was lovely and the table areas had changed to more personal booth like areas around the restaurant along with lovely dividers around the room.
I went with a light brown smokey eye with nude pink lip. I curled my hair into a wavy effect.
My handsome date for the evening
In the restaurant
Cosmo cocktail
Starter platter
OOTN - black textured blazer, black top with back detailing, black light pants with white hearts and black point toed mid heels with a black over the shoulder small handbag.
Grr my fringe!
Home, makeup free and cuddling up for bedtime

I was surprised at how short the movie seemed, Daniel didn't really like the sequil but I enjoyed it. The dinner was lovely and was nice for us to get a date night, our first since Alex was born :)

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Lots of Love

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