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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Alex's Four Month Update

Hi Dolls,

So my little man is 4 months old already! He's after getting so big and changed so much in such a short space of time. This update is a little delayed as Alex had to get a vaccination on Friday and Saturday (when this post was due) he was very off form (more about this below).

Milestones: In the past week or so Alex has been thrusting his hips up pushing off his feet so we have to make sure to watch him at all times, in his bouncer (strapped in), on his changing table and just when he's laying down on his play mat as it looks like it puts strain on his neck. He still doesn't like tummy time but as his neck is getting stronger all the time he's lasting longer with tummy time using the u-shaped pillow. He's smiling and giggling a lot more. He giggles when we're taking off his clothes to change him or for bath time. And he loves the 'razz' sound, especially when his dad does it.

Sleep: On 25th March, Alex slept through the night in his own room in his big cot. It's not recommended for babies to sleep in there own room until 6 months onward to prevent cot death etc. We had no choice but to move Alex into his big cot as his moses basket can't take his weight anymore and his top to toe with the length of the moses basket. We have a baby monitor that works perfectly for us and our house is small enough that we can hear everything which is a blessing and a curse I guess :P

Best Moment: I have to say discovering Alex's tickles and hearing him giggle is the best! I love hearing him giggle and be happy. He is such a happy baby but those giggles melt my heart! Another great moment is Alex sleeping through the night in his own room. He falls asleep between 10 and 11 and wakes up at approximately 7 each morning. We are blessed with him.

As mentioned in last month's update Alex started swimming. He's doing a 10 week course with Water Babies Ireland in Charleville. He's loving swimming with his dad each week, he's starting to listen to instruction even out of the water and he's starting to progress more each week. 

Worst Moment: Alex had to get his 4 month vaccinations on Friday. He had one injection into each thigh. My parents came down to visit and for support during the appointment. My mom came in with me, while dad waited in the car. The first injection he cried a little but the second one he screamed and got very upset. I gave him some bottle and we went home. He seemed OK, I was keeping watch of his temperature. He wasn't in the best of moods. Saturday and some of Sunday he was off form. Mid way through Sunday he started to smile again and get back to his usual self. The 2 month vaccination wasn't too bad as he was younger, but now he's stronger, more alert and a lot more aware of what hurts. His crying is lot more emotional too, so it's easier to tell apart when he's upset or looking for attention (which isn't often with a cry!).

Health: Luckily, he hasn't been sick or off form (except for the vaccination). He is healthy, and a fine big baby. He's starting to get the chub rolls in his arms and legs and has a fine big belly (lol). He's starting to teeth this month, which hasn't been great for his poor vests and clothes as he's getting explosive nappies more often! We've seen signs of nappy rash too, which all comes with teething, but nothing that doesn't clear up with some cream.

Eating: He's still drinking baby formula, as he's now 17 weeks I'm considering getting baby rice to start him off this week. The nurse in my GP's office advised we start Alex with baby rice and pear (as pear is the least allergen food). He's definitely showing signs of wanting food, he's watching us eat like hawks, he gets fussy when he see's us eating stuff and he can't have any. I must just get the high chair from his Nana's house and we're good to go I guess! I'm going to enlist my moms help for making puree's at the beginning as I'm useless at making anything!

Things I want to Remember: He wants to see everything. When in his buggy he'll try to stay awake as long as possible to see everything around him. He's interacting more during play time, he;s starting to grab his toys (and my hair) and he loves his Sit Me Up Floor Seat.

This month was Alex's first St. Patrick's Day, we visited my best friend in Sligo and my first Mother's Day.

Alex, Me, Daniel, Chloe and Sharon in Sligo :)
Grandma cushion from this cutie to his two nana's
Before the parade with Grandad
Before the parade watching all the excitement.
Watching the parade with Nana and Grandad.
Me and Daniel :)
McDonald's after the parade with his green balloon
Family snap :)
Lots of Love

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