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Monday, January 5, 2015

My 2015 New Year Resolutions

Hey Dolls,
Another year is upon us! I can't believe how quickly 2014 flew by - I was pregnant for most of 2014 so that also made the year a little uneventful in terms of blog posts, updates etc. but very eventful because I had a baby so I'm starting the new year as a mommy!

Looking back at past New Year Resolution posts, there are a lot of similarities in terms of weight loss, drinking more water (basically better my health). This year I've never had a better reason. I also have some weddings coming up that I will want to try to look my best for and obviously get my body back as soon as possible!

My resolutions are:
Getting my body back to normal, if not better!
After having a baby my body has obviously changed! I didn't gain as much weight throughout my pregnancy as I would have expected so that is a good thing! In the early days of motherhood I wasn't eating properly or even staying hydrated so I lost weight quick, but now after Christmas with all the food and families looking after the small man and having that extra time to munch away I'm sure I gained weight again!
Be less uptight/controlling
I'm so controlling and uptight when it comes to organizing the house and almost everything to do with my baby! I need to relax and let others, especially his dad, learn to do things there own way!
Stop talking about the future!
I mentioned this in a previous resolutions post - at Christmas/New Years time of year I get really down because of all the engagements that pop up, I would love to take that next step with my boyfriend and even more so now that we have a little baby together! I would've preferred to be engaged before having Alex but things happen for a reason! Now that the Christmas season is over so is my constant talking about that topic, it will happen when it happens but I do want to take that step so we can plan our big day and the rest of our lives together!
Drink more water and less fizzy drinks
I want to drink more water because I need to be more hydrated and water will help me on my track to be healthier! Giving up fizzy drinks may also help me to be healthier and I need to be a good role model for my son and it will also help Daniel with his stopping drinking coke too, because I don't make it easy ;)
Try to eat cleaner
Eating clean has been a big want for so long, but I'm not the best cook! Also I never really had the time or energy to cook dinner's other than frozen dishes! I plan to cook a lot of meals from scratch and when Alex is weaning all his food will be much healthier than what we were eating in the past! I want to change our diet to give him a chance to eat healthy.
Keep the house tidy and organised
I want to keep the house tidy because we do have a lot of visitors and a lot more family stopping by now that we have a baby, I want them to be able to sit down and not move loads of junk off the seats! Also, it'll be a lot easier to upkeep if it's organised, where everything has a place! It's just about showing Daniel where stuff goes because he has a habit of hiding things in random cabinets!
Make memories
Now that we are in 2015, looking back over the last year we didn't do a lot! Every new years eve I reflect on the past year and apart from having my son, I feel like I haven't achieved much! I'm also a photo hound, and looking back over the last year I didn't take a lot of photographs so I want to do more so I can remember more!
Go for a walk up to 3 times a week
I want to get out of the house and do stuff, even more so now that I'm not working! I want Alex to get fresh air and of course myself! It will also give me the chance to exercise while I can't go to the gym! We have a wedding in May and our son's Christening in April so I want to lose at least 2 dress sizes by then to look and feel better about myself!
Be the best mom I can be
I think I'm a good mom to Alex, but sometimes hormones and depression get the better of me and I start to put myself down thinking I'm a bad mom :( Which I'm not, but feeling down and hopeless sometimes it's tough!
Plan our extension
My 5 year plan includes extending the house to the way I picture it in my head and now that there is 3 of us this cottage is getting smaller! It's very cramped with all the stuff that comes with a baby!! I hope we have a 'playroom' in the extension along with more room for our baby to grow and develop! We don't have room for some baby stuff I'd love like a large play mat or walker but at the moment there's nothing I can do about it yet!
Save/Budget money
I am the worst with money! I splurge and spend which is very bad especially since my income is half it used to be and we have a baby to look after! In 2015 I have Daniel's 30th, I plan to send him to Manchester for a match and to see the stadium! We also plan to have a party. We have a christening to plan and pay for! We also have a wedding we were invited to, and also may be going to Birmingham in the summer for a relatives 10 year anniversary of her passing!
Do a major house clear out!
This house is very small, I want to do a clear out of clothes and stuff we don't use or rarely use! As Alex grows we will need more space, even putting up the Christmas tree this year was a struggle! We need more space, hense the extension but we won't be able to afford one for a while!
Use my products more regularly!
I have a lot of Soap and Glory products, skincare products and hair stuff I need to get through! I know the products will start to go off so I need to start using them and pampering myself, I was the worst for making time for myself in the past and with a baby it'll be worse but I'll give it a go!
Be more active 
I'm very lazy so I want to be more active, if I stick to my resolutions of keeping the house clean and walking then I'll definitely be more active! I want to be healthy and energetic as my son grows so I can be there for him in a better way and be able to play and run around with him!

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