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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Healthier Life - beginning 2015

Friday 9th January my little boy was 6 weeks old! This is crazy but the time isn't flying by like everyone says it does, well not yet anyway!

So this is like my 6 weeks postpartum update... I didn't take photo's of my body right after I had my baby or anytime until now, because I didn't want to and mostly because I didn't think to. Before I got pregnant I was never confident about my body and having grown another person inside me and the change my body went through I'm not totally loving myself but I feel a bit better about how I look now having had a tummy after having my baby until all the extra fluid and bump went down! 

I want to better my appearance, lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more for my health and for the sake of my baby! He deserves a mom who has more energy and is more happy than I am at the moment! He deserves someone who can play with him and be a role model with a healthier lifestyle. It'll be better for all three of us if I make this change and I feel I have the time and motivation to do it! I can't afford a gym membership at the moment due to being unemployed but once I have my finances regulated I will be joining a gym and hopefully getting into some gym classes! I took part in project weightloss, a program in Ireland to help overweight men and women lose weight through diet and exercise. I loved the program and miss going but it's only available just over an hour down the road away from me and it's not exactly the best for me to leave my son for like 3 hours or more just to go to the gym :( 

I will go for walks during the week and try to exercise at home when Alex is sleeping but as he's so young still I'm struggling to get out and about like for walks with him! He is an amazing baby though and he loves fresh air and sunny spells so it's perfect to take him out :) 

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