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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby Clothing Haul

Hey dolls,

So I went shopping on Sunday for my little man because some of his clothes have shrunk in the wash and he's getting very long for his 0-3 month clothing! And I also now know how much clothes I need to keep the little guy going because I won't get away with keeping him in sleepsuits some days ;)

I have F&F, Penneys and Dunnes Stores below. When I was shopping I noticed in F&F, they have almost equal amounts of boys vs. girls clothing (basically you wouldn't notice the difference). In Penneys I was very shocked to see most of the clothing for newborn upward was along a wall and 85% of that was was all girls clothing and the boys was bunched in down the end! To be fair if I had a girl I'd probably be delighted but it was hard to look through clothes when they have some on top of others to save on space! Dunnes Stores I find had equal amounts too but that could be the bigger sizes more so than little baby's clothing!

Tesco F&F (Sale clothing)
Dark grey joggers - was €6.50, bought for €4.55
Grey long sleeved top - was €5, bought for €2.50 in 50% Sale
Stone pants, €6
Grey and navy blue 2 pack of joggers, €6
Mickey Mouse long sleeved top, €4
Navy zipped hoody fleece with stars, €5
Joggers and top set, €7
(I cannot figure out how to rotate these pics on the post (they are right way up on my laptop :())
Striped long sleeve top with yellow jeans, €10
Green and navy long sleeved tops (2 pack), €6

Dunnes Stores
These joggers are so soft and lightweight that they'll be light on his legs so he can kick about and the material is cosy too!
Light grey and dark grey jogger 2 pack, €8
Light blue and darker blue jogger 2 pack, €8
Most of the clothes purchased are 3-6 months so he won't be wearing them for a little while but why not stock up while the sales are on and while there are lovely little bits in the shops! I have to say Primark have some very very nice girls clothing for 0-12 months too, so if you have or are having a girl it would be worth a look :)

I do need to stock up on clothes for myself, staple pieces for my wardrobe I can wear on a regular basis rather than statement pieces! A lot of my clothes I wouldn't wear again, or are stretched from my pregnancy, or just don't fit right anymore!

Lots of Love


  1. These are so so cute! I've been so good I haven't bought anything for baby bump yet but I say things will escalate after I reach 30 weeks hahaha

    1. I was absolutely nuts buying clothes for baby when I was about 25/26 weeks (once I found out the gender)! Had a big spree in Dublin :D Tesco F&F range have gorgeous girls clothing at the moment! Minty greens, pale pinks... So cute!


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