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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alex's Two Month Update

Hi Dolls,

It's so crazy to think I have a 2 month old baby! He is currently 8 weeks and 5 days old. This time last year he wasn't even conceived and now he's growing up so fast (but not too fast - he's still super baby like).

Today I'm going to share with you all the changes I've noticed in my small man in his second month.

Alex is much more alert, he focuses on faces and reacts when you talk to him. He gets all smiley for his daddy throughout the day, and smiles for mommy first thing in the morning when I take him into his nursery to change his nappy and get him dressed for the day! He's mad to move and eat! When he's lying on his playmat his legs are going mad kicking as if he wants to just get up and run around! I see him watching me eat sometimes and he licks his lips or sticks out his tongue. Alex has grown a lot length wise as a lot of his sleepsuits are becoming a little too snug for my liking! I am also convinced his daddy shrunk some of the sleepsuits and vests in the wash!

6 weeks and 8 weeks milestone pics
Alex is sleeping a lot less during the day, in fact he fights the sleep as much as he can! Sometimes I resort to just holding him until he falls asleep. He sleeps 4-5 hours during the night sometimes which is great for us parents ;) His last feed before bedtime is normally 11pm. He usually wakes for a feed approx. 2am or 3am, 5am or 6am, 9am or 10am (depending on his mood and sleep!). He usually settles straight after his bottle, and if he doesn't he'll just kick about in his moses basket until he falls asleep so he doesn't disturb us if he does stay awake a little longer.

Best Moment:
Alex is smiling a lot more these past few weeks. He usually smiles at his daddy's funny faces, or noises. He smiles for me when I change him into a clean nappy or talk to him! He also gives smiles in his sleep when he falls asleep on me or his dad.

Alex is loving bath time. He just lays there on his towel support and loves the water being poured on his belly. He also loves when I wash his hair (because he has a good head of it ;)). We have a routine now, once he's washed, he's wrapped in his towel, then transported to the changing table, where he is dried, gets a nappy on, wrapped in a fluffy blanket and moisturized on his belly, legs and arms, then he gets dressed into nice warm fluffy pj's.

Worst Moment:
Alex doesn't give up wind easily so one day in the past 4 weeks he had about 6 hours of fussing and crying, we could feel bubbles rumbling in his tummy. Eventually we got them out of him and he settled but it's so sad for us to see him in such discomfort. Otherwise, no bad moments!

Alex had his 6 week checkup, the GP advised Alex is more advanced than he should be at 6 weeks. Which makes us proud parents. His hips were perfect, he has super strong legs and he was a lot more alert and curious than other babies of 6 weeks. They couldn't believe he was only 6 weeks old! He's growing well and all healthy. I was worried about his breathing/lungs as he wheezes sometimes but thats just wind and all normal!

He feeds every 3 hours on 5oz. of Cow and Gate formula. We had him on another formula and that didn't work out. He's starting to look for his bottle a little sooner than 3 hours so I'm going to move him up to 6oz. and try to make it to 4 hours between feeds as I think every 3 hours is too much.

Things I want to Remember:
Alex went to his first birthday party. My friend's son Theo's 7th Birthday was on the same day Alex turned 7 weeks old! Alex also had his first snow experience this month, as he slept through most of the day we just got a picture of Alex next to the snow on our way to the shops! Alex loves spending time with his daddy in his gaming room and also loves playing on his Playgro Happy House Super Mat. His play time is usually after his 7pm feed as he is most alert and relaxed. This is when we attempt tummy time (attempt meaning he doesn't like it :().

My previous updates on Alex are here.

Lots of Love

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