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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Holidays - My Christmas

Happy Holidays Everyone!

This year Christmas was scattered again between Limerick and Cork. I spent a few days before Christmas in Cork as I had some time of work and wanted to see my friends who came home for Christmas. 

We had a night out in the city on the 23rd. This was just like old times with most of us back together for some drinks and good times! We had some pre drinks at a friends house and headed into the Crane Lane. Some of the night is a bit blurry for me ;) Drinks were flowing :P

As you can imagine I woke up Christmas Eve feeling a little sensitive! I ate some toast and drank some water/Coke/Sprite (bad idea) anything to help squash the queasiness! Christmas Eve I spent a lot of the day with my mom and son. I visit my grandparents and other relatives graves with my dad today instead of Christmas Day like the 14 year tradition before that because I wouldn't be down till late Christmas Day. It's the first year in a long time my dad didn't visit his parents grave on Christmas :(

We headed home to spend the remainder of Christmas Eve with my boyfriend and Alex's dad Daniel. We visit his parents house (trying to turn this into a tradition, but this may fail!). It was a pretty chill affair with no Christmas movies and not much munching on goodies so was a little bit of a let down this year but sur we spent it with family which was nice.

When we got home, Alex went to bed around 9. Santa arrived and myself and Dan went to bed around 10.

Christmas morning we could hear Alex on the monitor around 7am so decided to get up (thinking he was awake!). Of course he was still asleep so we sat and waited... We got impatient and opened our gifts to each other :) I was a little bit annoyed by one or two of my gifts which will be explained in my what I got post ;)

Alex finally woke at 9.30am! We brought him out to the sitting room and put him down so he could walk over to all his lovely gifts from Santa. I was over by the tree trying to record his reaction but my camera wasn't filming :( It took him a minute or two to wake up and realise that there was like a mini toy shop in our sitting room all for him!

He walked over with his daddy and we started to open some presents. He was so happy and played with almost everything :) I say almost because there was so much there!

This Christmas Santa went a bit overboard for our little tot but I will have to have a word with him next Christmas because Alex would be happy out with a few toys, but wouldn't need loads. He was gifted with presents from family and friends too so he was spoiled a lot this year!

As he will be two next Christmas and a little more clued in from then on I don't want Santa setting the  bar too high for future years! I remember one year we got loads of toys and the following year got less more expensive stuff and I was a bit cranky with Santa - not knowing that the gifts were of the same value altogether but due to the fact there was more the previous year I wasn't happy ;)

After we opened presents, Alex was worn out so he had a nap after breakfast.

We went to Dan's parents house for dinner this year (my first year without my mom's cooking!). We got there after 12 and swapped presents. We had dinner around 3 - I was not impressed there was no croquettes :P lol. I brought my own stuffing to share with Daniel's sister because neither of us like onions! 

After dinner Alex was a bit tired so we decided to head away because we knew he'd sleep in the car! We drove to Cork to spend the remainder of the day with my family.

When we arrived, it was just my parents and brother, my uncle was just leaving.

My brother spent the majority of the day playing Football Manager on his laptop, Daniel spent a lot of time setting up his new laptop and I spent a lot of the day running around after a little handful ;)  Christmas with a baby/toddler is VERY different than without! Mainly good different but last year and this year I spent dinner time tending to a baby who woke from a nap wanting a bottle just as I tucked into dinner and this year spent dinner entertaining/feeding a tired bubs! Alex didn't go to bed until late Christmas night because he was overtired and had too much energy! There wasn't a lot of over eating, or Christmas shows on TV. We watched a bit of a b rated Christmas TV movie and had desert at my parents house. We all ended up in bed around 11!

*Blurry* Zooming around the kitchen in his new race car!
The next morning I wanted to go shopping but hate sales so totally avoided that situation lol. The weather wasn't great so we stayed in! Mom was sick, I was coming down with something too. Our family Christmas dinner was technically the 26th as my sister and her partner arrived and we were there but my brother was working. We had another Christmas style dinner ;) Yum yum!

We went home on the 28th because we were all very tired and sick so we said we'd give everyone a rest and take the little man home! I was also dying to take down the tree and decorations because I wanted the house to be back to normal, decluttered and have space for all Alex's new toys! 

Last Waterbabies class of 2015! 
I will go through a short post of what Alex got for Christmas too.

Lots of Love

Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Beauty Product Must-Haves

Hi Dolls,

I spent from January to June home with my newborn (at the time) and so I wasn't doing myself up as much or going out as much as I used to! I started back in work in July but still haven't been doing my makeup or styling my hair as much as I'd like. Nevertheless I will show you the products I use most often, between skincare, hair products and make-up.

My go to products of the year are probably the same as last year! Here goes:

As mentioned above I haven't had much of an opportunity to "put on my face" but I when I do get the opportunity these items below are my must haves!
Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 - I was a big black smokey eye fan for a long time but when I discovered this palette I branched out to more bright lip looks or natural eye looks or a lighter brown smokey eye.
Maybelline Dream Sation Liquid Foundation - I've tried using other foundations but keep finding myself going back to this one. It goes on so well, has good/natural coverage and blends well. I try using other foundations but they dry out my skin or look more yellow than natural.
Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder - I much prefer pressed powders over loose powder as I find it doesn't go on so heavy and clown like! I like keeping one of these in my handbag when out and about to keep shine at bay and to top up my coverage through the day.
Benefit Cosmetics "Cheeky Sweey Spot" Blush Powder Set - This set has the Hoola bronzer I use for contouring and a few different blushes that I like to alternate between. My favourite is Rock or BellaBamba. Benefit Cosmetics have another set out this Christmas and I highly recommend getting your hands on it, they are so handy to have all in one!

I'm the first to admit I'm the worst at skincare but at my age I really need to cop on!
Boots Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream - I've been using this night cream since the beginning of the year and I must admit I really like it. It doesn't leave my face feeling overloaded anf clogged, it's lightweight and not greasy so the perfect night time cream.
L'Oréal Paris Triple Active Day Multi Protection Moisturiser Dry and Sensitive Skin - I've used this one on and off all year too but it is quite heavy. I find when I put it on it's fine but if I head out or sweat any little bit it runs and is crazy shiny!
Nip+Fab Bee Sting Fix Deluxe Care - I purchased this when I went to the UK as I needed an eye cream and I think this one is good, I haven't used it long enough to get the full effects or review it yet but I'm loving the nip+fab range so will definitely try more of their stuff!

I've been switching around between shampoos and conditioners as I've lost some hair since having Alex (which is all normal) but my hair was so nice and healthy after he was born and now I have small out of control bits around my hair line and my hair has gone so dry! It's in desperate need for some TLC.
Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo Uplifting Volume - this is my go to hair product for those in between wash days when my hair is a bit greasier than I'd like! My hair becomes greasy in the roots quicker than before. I haven't gotten my hair done since June so I think the fact my natural hair is mostly at my roots this could be partially the reason! 
Elnett Satin Normal Strength Hairspray - this is my must have hair spray! I love that you can brush out the hairspray and your hair isn't left rock hard and dry after it's washed.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Christmas Wish List

Hi Dolls,

I find myself not wanting much this year so I've struggled to pull together a list! It's hard to want stuff when I need stuff more but the cost of the stuff we need is too high to put it on a "wish list".

I've been eying up the Ted Baker range available in Boots since I first spotted them. They smell amazing! There is a mint range and pink range but I can't decide which I like better but the pink is super cute ;)
Ted Baker Body Spray
Ted Baker Body Souffle
Ted Baker Body Lotion
I would love some new make up brushes. I currently use Sigma brushes and I do have some Real technique brushes from the original collection and the bold metals collection but want more! lol.

My favourite must have would be the setting brush below, and would also love a new eye shadow brush so I can recreate my smokey eye that I haven't done in a while ;)

Real Techniques Brushes
Everyone is raving about the Pippa for Blank Canvas Palette on Snapchat so I really want to get my hands on it!! I need a powder highlight and would love to try some of the shadows!
Pippa for Blank Canvas Palette
I've wanted this since I first saw it, maybe because I have the 1 and 3 Naked palettes or maybe because it's a smokey eye palette and I used to do a smokey eye all the time! When the opportunity arose to get the palette I opted out :( I feel like I barely use my palettes at the moment and having another one would be heartache not getting to use it! I don't go out as much as I used to and I wouldn't use it as often as I should!
Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette
Another product Snapchatters are raving about! As a Mom, I think this is a must have for busy on the go moms and other long haired people out there! Nowadays a bun is my friend, but I'm sick of throwing my hair up in a rush! I used to straighten my hair with the GHD or curl it (the odd time daily) but would love volume and a wave or some style! My hair looks flat when it's straightened and I can't master a nice volume without being over the top! This is my main must have for Christmas!

Another "as a Mom" product! I need this Dyson in my life! Having a "toddler" who constantly throws food around, breaks up rusks into my carpet and generally makes a mess, and having an old carpet I need a handy lightweight hoover, and the handheld hoover is an added bonus! We share a hoover with my boyfriends family (it's my boyfriends hoover but they borrow) and thats not the best arrangement at the moment when I need the hoover it's not around! So I NEED this!

I was told I'd get this hoover two years ago but I'm still waiting ;)

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner V6
This planner was brought to my attention by both the Naked Blondie and the Style Shaper have both just put up a competition to win one! I need this planner in my life! I currently have a mini filofax I got  as a Christmas gift a few years back but I NEED this because it's bigger and has stickers and weekly quotes and a notes section - I would be so organised!! Wowwee! It's available for €18 on Etsy here.
The Jane Walker 2016 Planner
I'm lusting after a new changing bag! I currently have the Storksak Bobby in Charcoal but it's just not "cutting the mustard" at the moment. With Alex becoming older I need an easier bag to carry around or one that fits on the stroller better and that has more organisation or room in it! His clothes got bigger, nappies are bigger and we'd have to carry snacks and toys and I would love somewhere accessible to hold bottles as I don't trust the side pockets in the Stroksak!
Skip-Hop Forma Backpack Changing Bag
Available in Jojomamanbebe (store in Cork)
Lots of Love

Monday, November 30, 2015

Party Time! Alex's First Birthday

Created with Baby Pics
My Boy Turned 1!

As I'm writing this post my little boy is almost 14 months old! Yep, another delayed post :P

On 21st November, we had party number 1. The day began with a photo shoot at Victor Horgan's photography in Ballincollig. 

We had a party that evening for the little guy, which my friends and close family attended. I knew my cousins would love to go his birthday so it was important for me to include them! It was my way of not dragging them and my friends down to Limerick when I didn't know how the party on his birthday would turn out!
Fresh cream cake
Alex, Mommy and the girls!
My goddaughter Jessica - she cracks me up!
Cake number 2 - this was made by Alex's paternal grandmother for the Creche to celebrate his birthday. The creche gave some of the youngins cake and took some pics of Alex eating it! It was so cute <3 before="" birthday="" friday="" his="" on="" p="" saturday.="" the="" this="" was="">

Party time! November 28th Alex turned 1! We decided to have the party around 2pm in Daniel's parents house because our house is too small! Alex went swimming that morning with his dad like normal. We collected the cake then after and headed home. We got ready, Alex had a nap and went straight over for party prep and food prep.
On route to the party (no I wasn't driving)
 The cake was an idea I saw when I googled swimming cakes! Alex goes swimming with WaterBabies and it's something he loves! The cake was made by Mirka Cakes in Charleville - it's so amazing! It exceeded my expectations!

I tried to get a picture of Alex with his 1st Birthday milestone card, I asked him to show Mommy and here is what he showed me...
His outfit is all from Next. The knitted jumper is so soft and comfy, skinny jeans, shows and he has a grey and black long sleeved tee underneath.

With Auntie Gillian
Alex and his best buddy Casper
Alex and his Godmother/Auntie Aileen
Opening his pressie from Mom and Dad
On his Airplane (the pressie)
with Auntie Bethany
With maternal Grandparents
With paternal Grandparents
With mom and dad
A chalkboard poster I made

Decorations were "Retro Prints" from Photobox on a string held with mini pegs!
So much food!
We had lots of balloons too, some character ones and some 1 ones. There was a lot of food, from sandwiches to hot finger food to desserts. We had plenty of soft drinks and tea (no alcohol!) and we all rolled home in the end! LOL

I panicked and over stressed about a lot of little things but everything worked out in the end and I've learned for future birthdays ;)

Lots of Love

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Alex's Twelve Month Update

Hi Dolls,
This is Alex's 12 month update (late again).

Milestones: Alex took a step or two the week before his birthday! It's so cute to see his unsure-ness and his caution. He's still got 4 teeth but hopefully he'll get the others asap and all the teething will be over forever!

Sleep: Sleeping, he's pretty good but still wakes around 5 for a bottle - which is going to need to be solved soon!
Best Moment: Seeing him happy, exploring different places and things! He's a bit of a rogue as most boys are so he's trying to climb up and over things at the moment so we need to keep an eye on him at all times (more than normal). He's wearing SHOES - soft sole ones of course but shoes! He's got gigantic feet (size 18-24 months) and I could only get his size in Next.
Worst Moment: Alex is quite sick with a cough for a while now. We did Salt Therapy in Cork to help kick it for good. I would recommend the salt therapy to help beat a babies cough (the only issue I had was there pricing is so off - the website says one thing, brochure says another and staff say another).
In his first shopping centre ride
Health: As above, Alex had a bad cough for a while now, but otherwise he seems to be all good. The cough wakes him sometimes but otherwise it didn't bother him until closer the time we started the salt therapy treatments. He used to cry after coughing because it would hurt sometimes which was hard to watch.

Eating: He is a fine eater - he is eating mostly baby jars but at the 1 year mark we will be getting rid of those and giving him the same food as us (in a way) and he'll have whole foods rather than completely mashed. The messy fun is about to begin.
Things I Want To Remember: I want to remember his parties to celebrate him turning one and those who came to celebrate or sent messages to show they care and love him like we do.

He is such a happy, mischievous little guy and I wouldn't change him for the world. I'm looking forward to seeing him grow and change and explore the world as the years go on.
Perfect height to help Nana with loading (and unloading) the washing machine!
This last year has been so tough but one smile or giggle from Alex makes it all worth it. No one ever said it was easy ;)

This is it for my monthly updates but you will see posts about Alex as he grows in the future and back on with all other posts - beauty/hair/outfits/events etc. Whoo!
He's such a character!
I will be posting a seperate post about his birthday.

Lots of Love

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Alex's First Halloween

Hi Dolls,

It's so weird to think this year for Halloween that I wouldn't be dressing up and going out in the city with friends, or calling to a friends house or something, but I was dressing up my baby and calling to some friends.

Sleepsuit from Dunnes Stores
I'd been thinking a while about what to dress Alex for Halloween. We had chosen a monkey costume but with having a poorly baby only a few weeks before Halloween we decided that it would be too hot and bulky to be in all day - we were thinking ahead in case the creche had a party.

I wasn't loving the options on the site I looked on because there was mainly big fluffy things or costumes we'd love him to wear when he's older. I went onto the Disney store site to see what options they had, and initially not much but I went for what I longed for, the Mickey Mouse costume with personalised hat. When I was checking out I spotted another costume I loved, Woody from Toy Story. Alex has a large Toy Story poster on his bedroom wall, and his Auntie gave him a Build-A-Bear dressed like Woody for his christening so it seemed perfect!

Alex wore his Mickey Mouse costume to creche on the Friday and he wore Woody on Halloween on the Saturday. We got both in size 12-18 months, Mickey was a bit looser and Woody was a bit tight!

We visited some family friends on Saturday, went to both grandparents houses and saw all the aunties and uncles and when we arrived in Cork at my parents house he also had a visit from a little witch (my goddaughter dressed as a witch ;)). We were up quite late with him because he had 3 marshmallows during the day and was boucing off the walls! lol

Here comes the cute pictures :D

Alex at Creche
My Mickey Mouse with his Mickey Mouse
Howdy! (hat robbed from the Build-A-Bear)
Build-A-Bear Woody, Alex Woody and Casper the dog as a ghost!
Family pic :)
Happy Halloween from ours to yours
The end of the evening with his godmother/Auntie Aileen and milestone card.
 And a throwback from last year:

Bump at Halloween 2014
Lots of Love