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Friday, December 19, 2014

What I got my boyfriend for Christmas (Updated)

Hey dolls,

Each Christmas I try to get my boyfriend similar gifts to our first Christmas along with some new ones! Our first Christmas we were just friends getting to know each other. Our relationship was pretty complicated! So I decided to get Daniel some small gifts of stuff he would like along with novelty stuff! I got him a giant galaxy share size chocolate bar, mistletoe boxers, a miniature box of roses chocolates and some other small bits. Daniel loved each gift he got as it showed how much I had grown to know him over our 6 month friendship - I think Christmas sealed the deal on his feelings for me as soon after he realized he had true feelings for me and on that gift swapping day sparks flew :) That is where my new found love of Christmas came from! 

This year I got my boyfriend:
FitBit Zip Activity Tracker in Blue, €59.99 from Boots (link)
Fifa '15 for Xbox ONE, €69.99 from HMV (same price in GameStop)
Galaxy Milk Chocolate Share Bar, €2.95 in Tesco
Nestle Smarties, €2.50 from Tesco
James Bond Ocean Eau de Toilette Christmas Gift Set, in Debenhams for €39.00 (link)
Nandos Shake Away Peri-Peri Salt Shaker Set, €10 in Boots (link)
Starbucks Cocoa Hot Chocolate Trio with Stacking Tins, €12.50 in Boots (link)
12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership, €49.99 in HMV (same in GameStop)
Star Wars Darth Vader and Son postcards, Waterstones for €9.99

Transformers Men's Short Pyjama Set, Tesco for €18
Men's Character Slippers, €15 from Dunnes Stores (not exact slippers but close enough!)

I also got him two Diesel t-shirts with a 'how to be a gentleman' logo on them, one navy and one cream coloured, black jeans from Dunnes Stores and I will be buying him new runners (sports footwear) in January when the sales come in - yes I'm a cheapy but I've a newborn to shop for ;)

What did you get the man your life this Christmas? Want to see what Youtuber and Blogger Mrs. Meldrum got her husband, check it out here!

Lots of Love

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