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Monday, December 15, 2014

Newborn Must-Have's

Hi Dolls,

Alex is now 17 days old (2 weeks and 3 days) and I have found myself discovering what I do and don't need for our small man! We bought a lot ourselves and were gifted a lot but here's what we definitely needed and I will also list the stuff I would avoid for such small babies!


Baby Blankets
With a winter baby I found baby blankets a godsend and a must - especially the super fluffy ones :) We were gifted with some gorgeous ones and I had stocked up on some myself.

Obvious enough I know but babies love warmth and comfort and having lots of these are handy - they get wet or dirty or spewed on often! Having a couple to hand is handy, we have a variety of super soft ones, cotton ones.

Sleeping bags don't really work at the moment when baby is so small. We were advised to ensure you use the correct size so baby doesn't slip into it!

Feeding Pillow
These aren't just great for breastfeeding mom's, this is also handy for bottle feeding. You slip it around your body and baby can rest on the supporting pillow. These are so handy if your like me and don't really have that much muscle in your arm to hold the baby up (I'm used to it now but early days my arm and back would be quite stiff and sore!).

We have the Clevamama 10 in 1 Pillow. These pillow's can be used for tummy time and sitting baby up with support.

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Bin
This is my number one must have! It masks the smell of baby's dirty nappies, stores them away until the bin is full and can be disposed of!

Basically all you do is push the nappy (and wipes) down until the bin clasps them and wind the grey twister around clockwise fully and the nappy is wrapped and gone!

We just changed the bag refills and emptied the bin once... so it really is a great product! Usually on sale in stores like Dunnes Stores during baby events (Ireland).

Lots and lots of sleepsuits are a must! Alex wears these most the time, unless we are going out of the house, then he wears a little outfit but when your pottering away at home these are a very handy must have. If baby spews milk up on his shoulder, leaks out of a nappy or when changing wee's onto there's clothing then you will need to change baby so having a lot of these on hand is always a good option!

I find clipping them closed can be a bit time consuming at the moment (with baby kicking and getting used to how they close - especially around the bum). 

It's handy to have these also because I find because it's early days that changing nappies can be a nightmare when baby is crying and you just want to get them changed quickly.

Bottle teats
Teats in general are the pain of my life because they are always blocking! We have Avent and Tommee Tippee bottles. All the bottles we got came with slow flow teats - which now because Alex is used to drinking and demanding his milk then slow just isn't working! I bought some vari flow teats and these seem to work way better - they block less and Alex can choose the flow he wants. He's still getting used to them so drinks a little too fast sometimes so his mouth is full of milk he won't swallow but it's all getting used to them. I find the slow teats block and poor Alex would be chugging himself to sleep and nothing is coming out!!

Dummy/ Soother/ Pacifier
These have many a name and nickname - I call them dummies! Dummies are very much everyone's own choice! A lot of people are against them for various reasons - we decided to give them to Alex. He has now taken to them (quite annoyingly!). He used to suck on his hands and does so a lot less now he has the dummy.

If you choose to give your baby dummies be prepared to jump up every few minutes to put it back in babies mouth until they are old enough to hold it! When buying dummies, I bought some Tommee Tippee 3 pack of orthopedic dummies - Alex doesn't really like these and they didn't have a cover to help keep them clean! We got one Avent newborn dummy with a set and it had a cover so this is the one we use most often! A lot of 2 packs of dummies come with those covers so ensure you get the one's with the covers because they can be taken out and about! 

If you are going to opt for using dummies I'd advise getting the Clevamama SootherTree, if not for sterilisation, for storage of soothers! We normally sterilize dummies in our Avent Naturally Express Steriliser and I store dummies not in use in our SootherTree.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine
This is another top must have! Ironically nearly forgot to add it to the list! This makes bottles for 4oz. onwards. This is a very easy machine to use and helpful when trying to console a crying baby! It makes bottles super quick and bottles don't need to be made in advance. I wish there was a portable version ;)

I would recommend this for all new mom's! We made bottles from scratch at the beginning because Alex was on 3oz. bottles, now we use the machine at home and are competent enough in putting together a bottle when out and about if needed!
Don't go there!

Newborn or 0-3 Month Jeans
What a waste! Having jeans for such a little baby isn't and wasn't such a great idea! When getting used to nappy changes I'd just avoid putting jeans on such a little baby because it's hard to change their nappies when you have to hold the pants around their ankles and put the nappy on between their legs and all that - it's much easier to change a baby the first few weeks without awkward pants! Soft pants are much better, they can be pulled off and put on quickly with little to no hassle!

Also baby jeans don't have comfy lining, or at least the one's we have don't have lining so Alex's legs will get cold inside them for now while it's still bitterly cold outside!

Naty by Nature BabyCare Size 1 (Newborn) Nappies
We were gifted these are part of the giftset my friend gave to me. These nappies are advertised as "70% biodegradable, chlorine free and use naturally breathable non-genetically modified maize materials". The nappy itself is quite cute covered in grey small hearts all over and are quite dainty small nappies. 

The reason I'm suggesting you not to get these (this size anyway) is because Alex leaked out of 3 or 4 of these nappies (just wet leaks!). The nappy was full of wetness and then Alex leaked out the side, so I don't know if he had a rather large flow or if the nappy just wasn't suitable for him! I wouldn't recommend these nappies but at the same time a lot of mothers speak highly of them and love them! Try them for yourself, they may or may not work for you! They are priced for less than €5 for 26 nappies. (link)

Clevamama Clevascoop
For now, while I get used to bottle making, this isn't the best product for me! I tried using it in the early days and ended up just resorting back to the scoop inside the formula. I do think this would be a good and handy product in time, and also it is very handy when out and about, but for at the moment with Alex so little it's just not working for me at the moment. 

I'm still getting used to making bottles so counting the scoops makes it better for me!

Hope you liked my first mommy post!

Lots of Love

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