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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Series: Home Decor

Hey dolls,

I won't have many Christmas posts for you this year as I'm a busy new mommy, but here is my home decor for Christmas :) It's a little pathetic but we build more each year and I'm definitely going to be assessing after this year because I think it's pretty pathetic ;) I'll make one of my 'famous' lists for next year, get out early and stock up on what I think will add some more Christmas cheer to our little house :)

As it's baby's first Christmas I haven't had much time to decorate or much money to get more decorations, or even get out to the shops to look!! Also, I don't have room to store all our decorations so more just isn't an option at the moment until I figure out a better storage solution than cardboard boxes and plastic bags!!

Here goes...
Light up Santa (lights can flash or stay set)
Hanging ladder with Santa's
Close up of our personalised decorations from 2013 and 2014
Our kitchen set up! Train lights up (we need batteries and a screwdriver ;))
Mini White Christmas Tree with baubles, and our three 'homeless' snowmen!  

Our fireplace in the sitting room - full of new baby cards at the mo ;)
New decoration for Alex's first Christmas from his Nana
'My First Christmas' stocking from Mothercare - gift from Aunty Bethany and one of our stockings :) Held on the mantlepiece by snowman and Christmas tree from Dunnes Stores.
Our Christmas Tree, wrapped presents and new tree skirt (from Primark)
Tinkerbell Tree Topper from the Disney Store - poor Tink lost her wings!
We also have a big tube of different blue shaded and silver baubles which I normally put in a vase or hang strategically around the house but I'm just not that bothered this year! Also, I bought a floor mat with Santa and Raindeer on it from Primark but I haven't been able to find the right place to put it so it doesn't get filthy dirty from shoes!! lol

Next year I hope to get:
A garland for the mantlepiece or in front of the TV. 
Some sort of outdoor decoration/lights or  window stickers or something to make the front of the house look Christmassy!
A personalised family decoration with baby, mommy and daddy on it!  
A few more different decorations for the tree! We mainly have baubles, a few stars and we also have glitter covered acorns but I hate using them because glitters gets everywhere so it's very annoying :/

With a baby who is more than likely going to start pulling at decorations next year I will have to be smart with what decorations we use and where we put stuff. I'll worry about that next year ;)

Lots of Love

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