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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Alex's One Month Update

Hey Dolls,

It is crazy to think but my baby is one month old already! He was due November 21st so it would've been crazy to have a one month old by Christmas, considering Christmas 2013 I was thinking this Christmas I might be pregnant - but I have a baby! So weird (still)!

A lot of people said I'm 'like a duck to water' when it comes to caring for my baby, but as I've said, in the Maternity Hospital I was thrown into doing everything alone - so I had to change that nasty first dirty nappy in the dark at 4am! There was poop everywhere!! After the hospital, home doesn't seem so bad ;)

This won't be much of an update because he's still a bit young for change's but here goes anyway...

First week
One Week Old on 05/12/2014
Two Weeks Old on 12/12/2014
Four Weeks Old on 26/12/2014
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Milestones: Alex is giggling and smiling in his sleep - I know the smiles are more than likely wind but it is too cute not to dote over! It's very soon for a milestone update but Alex is getting on great and putting on weight like a trooper! He moved from 3oz. bottles to 4oz. after about 2 weeks the hungry bug ;)

Sleep: In the beginning Alex's clock was all off, he slept all day and was up during the night! He is mad for cuddles so he can go to sleep - such a bad habit but I can't help cuddling him when trying to get him to put himself to sleep in the moses basket - he may be too young for this though so plenty of cuddles when I can ;) He is a very good baby but he has been constipated so the little mighter gets fussy but he has a good reason!

Best Moment: The best moment is when Alex is in mine or his daddy's arms all relaxed, awake and just looking around happy out :)

Worst Moment: This has to be his constipation - he struggled so much it really upset me but he is getting better now but still struggles with it the odd time!

Health: He had a 2 week check up at the GP's office - he is very good, minus the constipation! He does have a little mucous in his chest and his nose is a little blocked up with a cold but that's the joys of having a baby in winter! He is doing well and gets such relief when we clear out his nose!!

Eating: He usually eats every 3 hours - he is supposed to have 4oz. bottles every 4 hours but he's just too hungry so has them every 3 hours roughly! Sometimes this is extended a little or shortened a little! He was eating almost every 2 hours closer to his 3 week old mark...

Things I want to Remember: Well he projectile pooped and peed across my parent's velour couch!! He hasn't peed on me yet (thank god!). He also peed all over his clothing and snowsuit when his Nana Marie was changing him in the Boots Baby Room on his first shopping day out with his Mom and Nana! His poor Nana felt awful so went and bought him another snowsuit in boots and luckily I'm organised enough that I had spare clothes in my changing bag! Also, his eyes have gone from a blue-ish colour to hazel/brown - this eye colour makes me melt (just like his Daddy's eyes) so I'm going to find it hard to say no to him! His little giggle in his sleep is so adorable I wish I could catch a recording but it's at such random times it's hard to pin point it!

Hope you enjoyed my Small Man's update and there will be more to come!

Lots of Love

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