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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Alex's One Month Update

Hey Dolls,

It is crazy to think but my baby is one month old already! He was due November 21st so it would've been crazy to have a one month old by Christmas, considering Christmas 2013 I was thinking this Christmas I might be pregnant - but I have a baby! So weird (still)!

A lot of people said I'm 'like a duck to water' when it comes to caring for my baby, but as I've said, in the Maternity Hospital I was thrown into doing everything alone - so I had to change that nasty first dirty nappy in the dark at 4am! There was poop everywhere!! After the hospital, home doesn't seem so bad ;)

This won't be much of an update because he's still a bit young for change's but here goes anyway...

First week
One Week Old on 05/12/2014
Two Weeks Old on 12/12/2014
Four Weeks Old on 26/12/2014
 **Milestone Cards available here from JoJo Maman Bebe.

Milestones: Alex is giggling and smiling in his sleep - I know the smiles are more than likely wind but it is too cute not to dote over! It's very soon for a milestone update but Alex is getting on great and putting on weight like a trooper! He moved from 3oz. bottles to 4oz. after about 2 weeks the hungry bug ;)

Sleep: In the beginning Alex's clock was all off, he slept all day and was up during the night! He is mad for cuddles so he can go to sleep - such a bad habit but I can't help cuddling him when trying to get him to put himself to sleep in the moses basket - he may be too young for this though so plenty of cuddles when I can ;) He is a very good baby but he has been constipated so the little mighter gets fussy but he has a good reason!

Best Moment: The best moment is when Alex is in mine or his daddy's arms all relaxed, awake and just looking around happy out :)

Worst Moment: This has to be his constipation - he struggled so much it really upset me but he is getting better now but still struggles with it the odd time!

Health: He had a 2 week check up at the GP's office - he is very good, minus the constipation! He does have a little mucous in his chest and his nose is a little blocked up with a cold but that's the joys of having a baby in winter! He is doing well and gets such relief when we clear out his nose!!

Eating: He usually eats every 3 hours - he is supposed to have 4oz. bottles every 4 hours but he's just too hungry so has them every 3 hours roughly! Sometimes this is extended a little or shortened a little! He was eating almost every 2 hours closer to his 3 week old mark...

Things I want to Remember: Well he projectile pooped and peed across my parent's velour couch!! He hasn't peed on me yet (thank god!). He also peed all over his clothing and snowsuit when his Nana Marie was changing him in the Boots Baby Room on his first shopping day out with his Mom and Nana! His poor Nana felt awful so went and bought him another snowsuit in boots and luckily I'm organised enough that I had spare clothes in my changing bag! Also, his eyes have gone from a blue-ish colour to hazel/brown - this eye colour makes me melt (just like his Daddy's eyes) so I'm going to find it hard to say no to him! His little giggle in his sleep is so adorable I wish I could catch a recording but it's at such random times it's hard to pin point it!

Hope you enjoyed my Small Man's update and there will be more to come!

Lots of Love

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

I just want to wish all my readers, followers and stoppers by a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2014 has been a 'quick' year! I was pregnant for most of it so didn't have many opportunities for FOTN posts and didn't put much make-up on during my pregnancy unless I was off out somewhere special and even at that it was a poor attempt! Hopefully 2015 will be a better blogging year! :)

Keep an eye on my 'Upcoming Posts' tab at the top of the page to see what's coming and links to recent posts you may be interested in!

My blog will be quiet until after Christmas so don't forget to come back in the new year - follow me on Bloglovin' and you can keep up to date with posts that way too :)

Lots of Love

Friday, December 19, 2014

What I got my boyfriend for Christmas (Updated)

Hey dolls,

Each Christmas I try to get my boyfriend similar gifts to our first Christmas along with some new ones! Our first Christmas we were just friends getting to know each other. Our relationship was pretty complicated! So I decided to get Daniel some small gifts of stuff he would like along with novelty stuff! I got him a giant galaxy share size chocolate bar, mistletoe boxers, a miniature box of roses chocolates and some other small bits. Daniel loved each gift he got as it showed how much I had grown to know him over our 6 month friendship - I think Christmas sealed the deal on his feelings for me as soon after he realized he had true feelings for me and on that gift swapping day sparks flew :) That is where my new found love of Christmas came from! 

This year I got my boyfriend:
FitBit Zip Activity Tracker in Blue, €59.99 from Boots (link)
Fifa '15 for Xbox ONE, €69.99 from HMV (same price in GameStop)
Galaxy Milk Chocolate Share Bar, €2.95 in Tesco
Nestle Smarties, €2.50 from Tesco
James Bond Ocean Eau de Toilette Christmas Gift Set, in Debenhams for €39.00 (link)
Nandos Shake Away Peri-Peri Salt Shaker Set, €10 in Boots (link)
Starbucks Cocoa Hot Chocolate Trio with Stacking Tins, €12.50 in Boots (link)
12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership, €49.99 in HMV (same in GameStop)
Star Wars Darth Vader and Son postcards, Waterstones for €9.99

Transformers Men's Short Pyjama Set, Tesco for €18
Men's Character Slippers, €15 from Dunnes Stores (not exact slippers but close enough!)

I also got him two Diesel t-shirts with a 'how to be a gentleman' logo on them, one navy and one cream coloured, black jeans from Dunnes Stores and I will be buying him new runners (sports footwear) in January when the sales come in - yes I'm a cheapy but I've a newborn to shop for ;)

What did you get the man your life this Christmas? Want to see what Youtuber and Blogger Mrs. Meldrum got her husband, check it out here!

Lots of Love

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Series: Home Decor

Hey dolls,

I won't have many Christmas posts for you this year as I'm a busy new mommy, but here is my home decor for Christmas :) It's a little pathetic but we build more each year and I'm definitely going to be assessing after this year because I think it's pretty pathetic ;) I'll make one of my 'famous' lists for next year, get out early and stock up on what I think will add some more Christmas cheer to our little house :)

As it's baby's first Christmas I haven't had much time to decorate or much money to get more decorations, or even get out to the shops to look!! Also, I don't have room to store all our decorations so more just isn't an option at the moment until I figure out a better storage solution than cardboard boxes and plastic bags!!

Here goes...
Light up Santa (lights can flash or stay set)
Hanging ladder with Santa's
Close up of our personalised decorations from 2013 and 2014
Our kitchen set up! Train lights up (we need batteries and a screwdriver ;))
Mini White Christmas Tree with baubles, and our three 'homeless' snowmen!  

Our fireplace in the sitting room - full of new baby cards at the mo ;)
New decoration for Alex's first Christmas from his Nana
'My First Christmas' stocking from Mothercare - gift from Aunty Bethany and one of our stockings :) Held on the mantlepiece by snowman and Christmas tree from Dunnes Stores.
Our Christmas Tree, wrapped presents and new tree skirt (from Primark)
Tinkerbell Tree Topper from the Disney Store - poor Tink lost her wings!
We also have a big tube of different blue shaded and silver baubles which I normally put in a vase or hang strategically around the house but I'm just not that bothered this year! Also, I bought a floor mat with Santa and Raindeer on it from Primark but I haven't been able to find the right place to put it so it doesn't get filthy dirty from shoes!! lol

Next year I hope to get:
A garland for the mantlepiece or in front of the TV. 
Some sort of outdoor decoration/lights or  window stickers or something to make the front of the house look Christmassy!
A personalised family decoration with baby, mommy and daddy on it!  
A few more different decorations for the tree! We mainly have baubles, a few stars and we also have glitter covered acorns but I hate using them because glitters gets everywhere so it's very annoying :/

With a baby who is more than likely going to start pulling at decorations next year I will have to be smart with what decorations we use and where we put stuff. I'll worry about that next year ;)

Lots of Love

Monday, December 15, 2014

Newborn Must-Have's

Hi Dolls,

Alex is now 17 days old (2 weeks and 3 days) and I have found myself discovering what I do and don't need for our small man! We bought a lot ourselves and were gifted a lot but here's what we definitely needed and I will also list the stuff I would avoid for such small babies!


Baby Blankets
With a winter baby I found baby blankets a godsend and a must - especially the super fluffy ones :) We were gifted with some gorgeous ones and I had stocked up on some myself.

Obvious enough I know but babies love warmth and comfort and having lots of these are handy - they get wet or dirty or spewed on often! Having a couple to hand is handy, we have a variety of super soft ones, cotton ones.

Sleeping bags don't really work at the moment when baby is so small. We were advised to ensure you use the correct size so baby doesn't slip into it!

Feeding Pillow
These aren't just great for breastfeeding mom's, this is also handy for bottle feeding. You slip it around your body and baby can rest on the supporting pillow. These are so handy if your like me and don't really have that much muscle in your arm to hold the baby up (I'm used to it now but early days my arm and back would be quite stiff and sore!).

We have the Clevamama 10 in 1 Pillow. These pillow's can be used for tummy time and sitting baby up with support.

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal Bin
This is my number one must have! It masks the smell of baby's dirty nappies, stores them away until the bin is full and can be disposed of!

Basically all you do is push the nappy (and wipes) down until the bin clasps them and wind the grey twister around clockwise fully and the nappy is wrapped and gone!

We just changed the bag refills and emptied the bin once... so it really is a great product! Usually on sale in stores like Dunnes Stores during baby events (Ireland).

Lots and lots of sleepsuits are a must! Alex wears these most the time, unless we are going out of the house, then he wears a little outfit but when your pottering away at home these are a very handy must have. If baby spews milk up on his shoulder, leaks out of a nappy or when changing wee's onto there's clothing then you will need to change baby so having a lot of these on hand is always a good option!

I find clipping them closed can be a bit time consuming at the moment (with baby kicking and getting used to how they close - especially around the bum). 

It's handy to have these also because I find because it's early days that changing nappies can be a nightmare when baby is crying and you just want to get them changed quickly.

Bottle teats
Teats in general are the pain of my life because they are always blocking! We have Avent and Tommee Tippee bottles. All the bottles we got came with slow flow teats - which now because Alex is used to drinking and demanding his milk then slow just isn't working! I bought some vari flow teats and these seem to work way better - they block less and Alex can choose the flow he wants. He's still getting used to them so drinks a little too fast sometimes so his mouth is full of milk he won't swallow but it's all getting used to them. I find the slow teats block and poor Alex would be chugging himself to sleep and nothing is coming out!!

Dummy/ Soother/ Pacifier
These have many a name and nickname - I call them dummies! Dummies are very much everyone's own choice! A lot of people are against them for various reasons - we decided to give them to Alex. He has now taken to them (quite annoyingly!). He used to suck on his hands and does so a lot less now he has the dummy.

If you choose to give your baby dummies be prepared to jump up every few minutes to put it back in babies mouth until they are old enough to hold it! When buying dummies, I bought some Tommee Tippee 3 pack of orthopedic dummies - Alex doesn't really like these and they didn't have a cover to help keep them clean! We got one Avent newborn dummy with a set and it had a cover so this is the one we use most often! A lot of 2 packs of dummies come with those covers so ensure you get the one's with the covers because they can be taken out and about! 

If you are going to opt for using dummies I'd advise getting the Clevamama SootherTree, if not for sterilisation, for storage of soothers! We normally sterilize dummies in our Avent Naturally Express Steriliser and I store dummies not in use in our SootherTree.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine
This is another top must have! Ironically nearly forgot to add it to the list! This makes bottles for 4oz. onwards. This is a very easy machine to use and helpful when trying to console a crying baby! It makes bottles super quick and bottles don't need to be made in advance. I wish there was a portable version ;)

I would recommend this for all new mom's! We made bottles from scratch at the beginning because Alex was on 3oz. bottles, now we use the machine at home and are competent enough in putting together a bottle when out and about if needed!
Don't go there!

Newborn or 0-3 Month Jeans
What a waste! Having jeans for such a little baby isn't and wasn't such a great idea! When getting used to nappy changes I'd just avoid putting jeans on such a little baby because it's hard to change their nappies when you have to hold the pants around their ankles and put the nappy on between their legs and all that - it's much easier to change a baby the first few weeks without awkward pants! Soft pants are much better, they can be pulled off and put on quickly with little to no hassle!

Also baby jeans don't have comfy lining, or at least the one's we have don't have lining so Alex's legs will get cold inside them for now while it's still bitterly cold outside!

Naty by Nature BabyCare Size 1 (Newborn) Nappies
We were gifted these are part of the giftset my friend gave to me. These nappies are advertised as "70% biodegradable, chlorine free and use naturally breathable non-genetically modified maize materials". The nappy itself is quite cute covered in grey small hearts all over and are quite dainty small nappies. 

The reason I'm suggesting you not to get these (this size anyway) is because Alex leaked out of 3 or 4 of these nappies (just wet leaks!). The nappy was full of wetness and then Alex leaked out the side, so I don't know if he had a rather large flow or if the nappy just wasn't suitable for him! I wouldn't recommend these nappies but at the same time a lot of mothers speak highly of them and love them! Try them for yourself, they may or may not work for you! They are priced for less than €5 for 26 nappies. (link)

Clevamama Clevascoop
For now, while I get used to bottle making, this isn't the best product for me! I tried using it in the early days and ended up just resorting back to the scoop inside the formula. I do think this would be a good and handy product in time, and also it is very handy when out and about, but for at the moment with Alex so little it's just not working for me at the moment. 

I'm still getting used to making bottles so counting the scoops makes it better for me!

Hope you liked my first mommy post!

Lots of Love

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Birth Story

Hi Dolls,

Let me begin by saying when you give birth all dignity goes out the window - so this post will be TMI so if your not interested it may be best to move onto another post ;)

It's Alex's Birthday!!
Thursday November 27th - I had a clinic appointment as I was 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant and this appointment was for an internal examination and to determine when my induction should be scheduled. The appointment was scheduled for 8.40am. We were called at just before 11, and my doctor who examined me determined my waters had broken and I was 3cm dilated! The doctor said 'Oh it looks like your staying in with us today'. I wasn't happy :( I had 3 and half hours sleep over the past 48 hours and I had no idea when my waters broke - it could have been right before I was called into the Doctor or the day before!

11:50 - I was admitted to the Induction room in the hospital.
13:00 - I had an antibiotic drip put in at 1pm because the doctor believed my waters broke more than 18 hours before that point!
14:30 - I finally got some food (not hospital food - I was offered but said no, because of the shock of the beginning of labour!). Daniel (boyfriend and baby daddy) went to get me a toasted ham and cheese sandwich from the coffee shop and I must say it was delicious!
15:15 - The midwife in the induction room (AnnMarie) wanted to examine me internally to determine how far along I was and to see if I should be put on the gel or a drip - this is the doctor's decision but the nurse wanted to be sure of the information before calling the doc! During the examination, she broke my waters! I had no idea it was coming! The nurse advised my back waters had broken and this is why I was dilating but slowly so by breaking my waters this got the labour started properly. So basically the doctor upstairs was wrong! Having my waters broke was disgusting but not painful in any way. Basically they stick a knitting needle type device inside you with a hook on the end (photo below).
Amniohook - long needle type tool with a hook
16:30 (approx.) - I got gas and air. I didn't realize it would alter my voice like helium. It really did help with the pain. It did give me very bad dry mouth, my lips only got dry once and I had my balmi to hand.
17:30 - (approx.) Daniel swapped with my mom as my support so he could have a rest because he was exhausted! Mom came in and after a short period of time managed to convince me to get more pain relief than the gas and air because I was struggling with pain - not just contractions but my hip was quite sore!
6pm - I was moved to delivery suite number 4 for the epidural. I was hooked up to the gas and air and shortly after the anesthetist came to administer the epidural. Getting the epidural wasn't painful at all, just uncomfortable having to lean so far forward curling my spine. The midwife pushed my head into my chest so I was basically eating my nightdress! My mom was made to sit in a chair nearby in case she fainted from the site of the epidural! Daniel came just as this was occurring so had to wait before swapping.

After this I didn't take note of what was happening when (time wise). I just remember a lot in bits. After the epidural, Daniel came in and my mom left. I was telling Daniel I was miming singing a song in the induction room to mom when the radio was playing. The midwife (Anna) said we can put on the radio in the room so when Daniel turned it on Christmas FM was playing so we kept it on! What felt like shortly after I was having regular contractions and felt like I needed to push sooner than I actually did! I was no where near as far along as I thought! I had my eyes closed almost the entire time after the epidural - I know I'm weird, but I think having heard about Mrs. Meldrum's burst eye vessels during her first labour I was afraid it would happen to me! I was also exhausted and felt like I couldn't do it. I think I went to sleep a few times (can't really remember). The epidural didn't work for me so the Midwife called for the anesthetist but he or she was busy in theator so by the time they came by my room I was 7 or 8cm dilated so they didn't see the point in giving it to me at that stage. After this the pushing began, it was kind of horrible! I had a pain in my hip that was pretty unbearable so when it came to lifting my legs to push I couldn't do it alone. Daniel had to help me, after a while a midwife was called in to help because I just gave up - the pain was unbearable! :( My hip pain was worse than the labour pain going on down below! I remember a few people coming in and out of the room but Daniel told me afterwards that a bunch of students came in to see what was happening in the room - doing the rounds!

Pushing the head out stung a lot (as expected from watching one born every minute)! It was tough to push it out but my advice would be to push 3 times if possible during each contractions because it will go a lot quicker!! As the head was near out the midwife lubricated near his head so it would come out easier! I found it hard to catch my breathe after pushing so was hyper ventilating a bit and so the midwife (at my left leg) kept giving out telling me to calm down :/ It wasn't pleasant but I guess it helped! I asked the midwife to pull the baby out with a vacuum or something because I felt I couldn't push him out - but the funny thing was I had a long way to go!! A doctor did come in and examine me and was talking episiotomy - I was terrified and asked not to be told about stitches because I couldn't take it - the midwifes and doctor laughed at me :( Not nice!

Once the head was out I had to pant and not push. The baby was out shortly after but it felt like a long time :/ Alex was born at 12:01! It was crazy, I thought it was like 3 or 4 in the morning. They cut the cord and moved the baby onto the table at the side. He cried after a bit of time and was eventually put on my chest! 

Daniel got to hold him for the first time and it was a very special and nice moment. Despite his nerves he was glad to have done it (I may have forced it ;)).

Once Alex was born, and the placenta delivered (I felt like I needed to push but the midwife advised not to!) we had some alone time with the baby. The midwife got us some tea and toast (which was amazing). Daniel packed up the stuff from the induction room and we moved to our room at 3am.

I text my best friends, close friends and siblings of mine and Daniel's but the text message didn't send! I rang my parents house and told them he was born and Daniel rang his family to tell them. My phone was put across the room in my bag and due to the epidural and catheter I wasn't allowed get out of the bed for 4 hours! It was so annoying but I did try! It was very uncomfortable so I stayed put! After 9am the catheter was removed and I could get up, unpack my bags and freshen up!

My legs were so sore and what felt like partially paralyzed :( I couldn't get in and out of bed easily, I couldn't change my clothes or

The first night in the hospital he slept through the night (winced once but was fine again), the second night he was very unsettled because (according to the nurse) all the visitors would excite him when they held him and unsettle him - so note to new mom's don't let lots of people handle the baby in the hospital!

At this stage I really just wanted to go home. I didn't like how the nurses seemed to just give out to us and be mean - we are both first time parents with no practice or much awareness of babies! I thought we'd be better off at home. I was told twice that we could go home Sunday. Saturday evening Daniel's mom, dad and brother came to visit Baby Alex in the hospital. They came from Limerick to Cork and were 2 hours early for visiting so with the security tight and refusing them entry until 7pm, they went to a pub nearby for some dinner and came back at 6.45pm and were left in. They fed him, burped him and had a cuddle. They headed away around half 8 and Daniel left shortly after. 

Saturday night wasn't too bad, I did have to get up a few times during the night but it wasn't too bad! He just wanted some cuddles :) Sunday leaving the hospital was a nightmare! In a panic Daniel forgot the baby seat at my parents house so my mom brought it in and swapped the car seat with Dan's bag, the baby vomited onto Daniel's leg and he was going to change but I forgot and said mom could take his bag! Whoops! Then, the midwife wanted to weigh Alex and I had to wait to be seen by a doctor because of my legs. The doctor came eventually and my legs seemed perfectly fine but I was in pain with them so she said it will go away within 2-3 weeks! In seeming fine, my leg activity was fine and strength was there. So, the mean nurse came in and obviously not being happy I wanted to leave asked what we were waiting for, I advised her the midwife wanted to weigh Alex before we left and she said 'oh come on so' and Daniel took him to get weighed while I was made stay by the bed and eat the lunch that had arrived for me (despite me telling the nurse that morning I didn't need lunch because I'd be going home). Daniel came back with Alex, his socks were thrown into the cot next to him (no effort made to put them on!) and when we were alone Daniel told me the nurse gave out to him for Alex having a wet nappy and he was forced to change him - to this point I was helping Dan with nappy changes because he wasn't used to it or confident doing it, which didn't bother me because I was thrown into changing nappies at 4am in the dark so got used to it quick! Dan was sweating with the pressure - stupid mean nurse! 

We had no idea how to use the car seat apart from the 10 minute demonstration at our parent craft classes so we winged it - remembering obviously that the straps need to be tight enough you can fit two fingers under so the baby has room to breath! We just weren't confident with lengthening the straps to fit him! We were all ready to go and I couldn't have been happier leaving because the nurses were just mean about it - they were either going to miss our gorgeous little man or they thought I was wrong to leave - despite the magazine saying first time moms stay 2-3 days if normal delivery so I was well within this!

Getting to the car was fine but because the car was so packed with stuff it was a little stressful getting him into the car and myself in the backseat and having all the stuff (including moses basket!). Daniel drove us and halfway home we stopped for a burger and I slept most the way!

When we landed at home Daniel's parents, aunt Ros and granddad were waiting to greet us with the fire lighting inside to keep us warm! Alex was so quiet and peaceful all the way home and in the house :) He was snug and happy out. We were given some gifts and they left us be. Daniel and his mom left to do some food shopping and I was waiting for my mom to arrive with more stuff for us (stuff being bags as I stayed home for 2 weeks before the birth). In between when Daniel left and my mom arriving the baby blues hit! I was worried about how I'd cope with Alex now that we were home! Once mom arrived I stopped winging to myself and just talked out my fears! Mom helped us set stuff up and get organised. When both mom's left it was a little scary but it was nice to be alone with my little family :)
My little family - Daniel holding Alex and me on 7th December
Alex was 9 days old!

Alex is now two weeks old as of 12:01 on 12-12-2014! It's crazy to think it's been two weeks already!! 
Alex 11 days old - make shift photo shoot with mommy :)
Lots of Love

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Meet Baby Fitz ;)

Hey Dolls,

Sorry I've been MIA from my 41 week update! I was a little busy giving birth to my gorgeous baby boy!


Alex Gerard Cornelious Fitzgerald

Proud Mommy and Daddy
Alex was born on 28th November 2014 at 12.01am and weighing 9 pounds!

I will return soon with more pics and a longer post but for now my little man needs his mommy's full attention!

Lots of Love