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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's in my hospital bag?

Hey Dolls,

So today I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my first child. I finally got around to packing my hospital bag and while doing so I took pictures of everything I packed so I'd be able to let you all know what I packed :) Below is what I need to bring with me to the Hospital for 'Baby Fitz's' arrival.

I've gotten inspiration and numerous ideas of what I'll need from a bunch of different sources (some listed at the end of the post).

My Maternity Hospital requirements for Maternity Patients include:

Your Medical Record Chart
Your copy of the Maternity Magazine
4 large packets of maternity sanitary towels
3 or more cotton nightdresses or pyjamas (an old
nightdress or t-shirt is quite adequate for the Labour
Disposable/old large panties
Dressing gown, slippers
Toiletries: shower cap, soap, towels, face cloth, wash bag, etc.

4 baby vests, 6 babygrows, bibs or towels
Baby towels for washing baby
24 disposable nappies
1 roll cotton wool – option: baby wipes, baby cleansing
Lotion, Vaseline/Sudocrem
Blanket and hat for going home, baby seat for car

After reading the above after writing my post I feel daft for some of my comments but I'm far too tired to go back through the entire thing and it's my opinion I guess! I now also noticed I totally over packed and will need to go back through and include some stuff and take some stuff out!! 

Here's what I've decided to pack (for now):

My 'Labour' Bag:
Nightdress - I picked up this shirt style nightdress from Primark/Penneys. It is navy and white with shimmer through the navy threads. There is a pocket with 'Love' written on it. There are buttons down the front that opens completely which will come in handy for skin to skin contact.
Slippers and a nightdress - I picked up these cute Minnie Mouse slippers in Primark at the end of the summer. I wanted slip in slippers in case my feet are swollen and that weren't too fluffy because I didn't want my feet to get too warm!

I don't have a picture of my dressing gown, it is a big pink fluffy one I got in Dunnes Stores a few years ago. I purchased a cute leopard print one in Primark recently but it's too short! I want a long one that will cover me in case of leaks!
Maternity Disposable Briefs, a face cloth, lip balm, maternity pads and underwear - I've been advised to bring either a face spray or face cloth, I opted for the face cloth so that I could either wet it with cold water or use it dry to pop up potential sweat (TMI I know!).

I recently bought Balmi lip balm in mint flavour from Boots. 

I'm bringing both disposable briefs and underwear and maternity pads with me so I have the option of either or so I'm comfortable afterward.

Also, in my labour bag, I have a nappy, hat, sleepsuit, long sleeved vest (pictured below) and scratch mitts for baby.

I still need to include some snacks, something to keep me occupied (more than likely my iPad) and a spare t-shirt top for Daddy Daniel.

My Hospital Bag:

Toiletries - I got this really cute Minnie Mouse bag in Boots before the Summer as I knew I'd need something to hold my toiletries in for the hospital. Inside the bag I have:

  • Soap and Glory Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel - love the smell!
  • Tresemme Weightloss Body & Volume Shampoo
  • Tresemme Weightloss Body & Volume Conditioner
  • Boots Smile Antiseptic Mouthwash
  • Lynx Deodrant - for Daniel to freshen up with if needed.
  • Avent Moisturising Nipple Cream - For breastfeeding mommies.
  • Boots Smile Flouride Toothpaste
  • L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Moisturiser - this is supposed to make tired faces look more awake so I'm hoping it will make me look better after labour ;)
  • Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel
  • Nivea Anti-Perspirant
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - in case I decide not to wash my hair while in the hospital.

Also included but not photographed is some hair ties, hair brush and tooth brush for both me and Daniel.
Flip-flops - I've read a lot of labour story blog posts and seen a lot of YouTube videos about many experiences that other mom's have had while in the hospital. A lot of people said they would have had horrible yocky experiences in the shower's in the hospital and the main thing that made them feel better about the shower's was wearing flip flops!

These are a pair I had lying around from the summer, I never really liked wearing them so I won't mind throwing them away after using them in the hospital. 
Maternity Pads - I just picked up two packs from Boots. I will need a few more packets but I'm sure these will be enough for the hospital ;) If I need more I'm sure my mom or boyfriend can pick some up from the boots across the road from the hospital.

I will need to take 1 or 2 pads out of the bag and into my labour bag.
Breast Pads - I've put about 10 packs of breast pads from the box into this cute Tinker Bell bag (purchased from Boots at the same time as the Minnie Mouse one). 

I can't remember the brand but they come in separate packs of two each so they are handy to have in a bag or whatever when needed if out and about.
Nightdresses - I've packed two nightdresses. The pink, grey and white striped one has three quarter length sleeves with a few buttons down the front. I got this one from Dunnes Stores for €15. The animal print brown and cream one is from Primark and only cost €6. This one has a front pocket with a little cream bow and has some buttons down the front too.

I will also be packing a t-shirt and pj pant combo because I don't love sleeping with nightdresses so for comfort I will bring these in case I want to wear them.
Towels - I packed two large bath towels (Navy from Primark, €8 each). I also have a turbie towel head towel as I find these super handy and help stop my wet hair dripping down my back when I'm trying to dry myself after a shower. Also, wrapping my hair I find it helps pulling the excess moisture out of my hair.

I will be bringing a hair dryer in with me too because I hate the look and feel of natural dried hair - my hair looks greasy and feels horrible.
Shower Loofa - I picked up a blue one but it 'mysteriously' disappeared so I found this pink one around the house ;) I find these loofa's very handy because it has a suction cup that holds the loofa ball on the wall so it won't be on the shower floor.

Newborn size pants - I'm bringing these into the hospital because the baby will need some newborn size clothes in case he's a little baby - I don't want him swimming in clothes for all the first pics we'll be taking of him ;)

These pants are super cute, both from Primark, super soft. There is a cream one and a stripey light brown and cream one. They are so tiny!

Nappies - My friend's gave me this as part of there gifts from my surprise baby shower. As it's the smallest handiest packet of nappies I have I decided to pack these ones.

These are the Tesco own branded Tesco Loves Baby Mini Size 2 Economy Pack (pack of 33).
Wipes - These are not on the list of stuff needed from the Hospital - they want you to bring cotton wool (which I still need to purchase!), I've decided to use Water Wipes instead of other brands. Water wipes, as I've heard, can be used instead of cotton wool and water in the hospital because they have no chemicals or any extra's for baby's super sensitive newborn skin.

I do have other wipe brands (Huggies and Johnson's) as gifts from people so will use those too but for early days I will use these.
Baby Towels - It's recommened to bring in two towels. These are hooded baby towels I got from Aldi during one of there baby events.

They are quite large towels, not super soft, but soft enough :) There is a lion and a giraffe one.
Blanket - I've packed this cellular blanket, also from Aldi, in a deep blue colour. This isn't on the list of required items but said I'd pack one any way in case it's needed.
Nappy Bags - I saw this one a list somewhere! I've decided to bring these one's in with me to help dispose of nappies while in the hospital - I'm not sure what kind of disposal system the hospital will have!

These were given to me at my baby shower also.
Baby Sponge - I think this is on the hospital list! I've only packed one because I don't think two are needed!

The one I packed is from a pack of two from Super Valu.

Muslin Squares - I've just packed these myself as I think they may come in handy. This pack of three is from Primark and only €4.
Sleepsuits - So it is requested that you bring 8 sleepsuits (here I have 9). I have three packs of three sleepsuits - two are blue and dog themed and the other one is white and multi coloured with cows and stars on. These are all size 0-3 months. All from Primark.
Body suits - Again, 8 is the requested amount to bring in. I've packed about 12 (5 long sleeved and 7 short sleeved)!

The all white long sleeved bodysuits are from Dunnes Stores and super soft!
These short sleeve body suits are from Primark and are white with multi coloured designs on them.
Birth outfit - I got this 4 piece set from Primark in Newborn size. The set is cream coloured with light brown colouring on the animal details. There is a sleepsuit, bodysuit, bib and hat. The sleepsuit has scratch mitt covers on the sleeves.

I've packed this outfit in my labour bag actually with a nappy for the baby to wear when he is first born,
Barrier Cream - This isn't required and I don't think it's even recommended but I want to have some sort of nappy rash cream with me just in case! I was gifted this little pot of Sudocrem Antispetic Healing Cream.
More Bodysuits - Here are some newborn long sleeved body suits. These have little lambs on them (matching the outfit we picked for when he's born).

I packed these because they are newborn size too.
Baby Socks - These are the cutest and smallest socks I've ever seen!! This is a pack of 4 newborn size socks from Primark.

I will be packing the following that are not photographed:

A spare t-shirt for Daniel
Fluffy socks with grips on the soles
Toothbrushes for both me and Daniel
Snacks for my labour bag
Hair brush
Hair bobbles and bobbi pins
Hair dryer and GHD straightener
Underwear and nursing bra's

I will also have my patient file with me (it's in the car at all times). I will need to remove some body suits and include more bibs and a roll of cotton wool.

Both baby's and my going home clothes will be brought in before we leave along with the car seat, I don't want our clothes in there getting thrown around and wrinkled before we wear them!

Inspiration from many sources including:

Anna Saccone (baby's bag, mommy bag - blog posts).
Kate Dolly Bow Bow (YouTube).
MummyPages (checklist).
Boots (available here).
My hospitals website.
EUMom Checklist (PDF available here)

Lots of Love

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