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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pregnancy Update - 40+ weeks

Hey dolls,

I'm officially overdue by 4 days! I really hope the lil guy makes an appearance soon because I'm getting very worried about him being in there too long and me not noticing if something is or could be wrong, and I want to meet him obviously and I want to get into the Christmas spirit which is quite difficult being this uncomfortable! 

If he's still 'cooking' on Friday I will have a 41 week update (also dependant on my appointment Thursday with the midwives). 

So I just wanted to update you on the above and also let you know in early December I hope to have a post up about my party season essentials from beauty products to accessories. Let's hope my new baby is as good as gold and let's me do at least one blog post in December ;) hehe.

Lots of Love

Update - my gorgeous baby boy, Alex, was born on Friday 28th November at 12:01am! 

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