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Monday, November 3, 2014

REVIEW: Mes Amis Beauty and Nail Studio

Hey dolls,

So this time last year I had my bestie's 30th birthday coming up and so said I'd go all out and get my nails done professionally for the occasion. I decided to get my nails done in Mes Amis in Charleville. Located near the bus stop in Charleville I was always intrigued by this pink business set up in the middle of the town. I could see it every time I got off the bus on Friday's and getting back on the bus going home Sunday's it was across the road. I really wanted to try it out.

My friend booked my appointment and in I went with the idea of getting gel nails done but wasn't sure of what details or anything I wanted. All I knew was I was wearing black and silver. In I went into this small little salon. It is very girly and cute. There is couch for waiting, brochures and skincare products on display. Also, there are two nail area's set up. There is rooms upstairs and to the back of the property for different treatments.

So the picture below shows exactly what I had done. I had my nails booked with Lorraine, she is a lovely bubbly and chatty nail art expert. She has done some incredible nail art and the amount of people that complimented my nails and especially locally knew that she had done my nails was incredible! I was a little nervous because the last time I had my nails done (summer time for my birthday) in a different salon was horrible. I really enjoyed my first time in mes amis, Lorraine got chatting to me and we talked through the hour long appointment like we knew each other ages! As you can see below, I had black with silver diamonte's and leopard print silver glitter on my 'ring' finger's. 


Needless to say I kept going back as I had a very pleasant experience. I had booked in again for Christmas because I kept these nails on as long as I could! So about 3-4 weeks later I had intended to go back! I ended up being super late for my appointment and calling to cancel (very disappointed in myself) because as you could imagine the gel nails were long grown out and needed to be done before Christmas but appointments are scarce! So I called to cancel (last minute) and she said no problem and a couple of minutes later I got a call back saying to pop in anyway and they'd do what they could with the time remaining in my appointment. I was delighted! I got the black and silver removed, my nails filed and had simple one colour of gels done! The colour was like a deep red, it was gorgeous.

Every 2-3 weeks from January onward I had gels done. I stuck with nail art for a while and then moved onto simple colours for regular times that didn't have nights out or parties etc.

The only reason I stopped going is because when I was about 20 weeks pregnant my nails started to reject the nail extensions and over time they naturally fell off! I was so sad, but I will definitely be going back! I've had both shellac and gel nails done there and am so pleased with the results I had.

They had lots of services available like facials, waxing, tinting etc. They always have some sort of offer going on - check out there facebook here to keep up to date. They often have lots of people from out of town pop in for appointments for weddings and other events they travelled into Charleville for. They also always try there best to accommodate walk in's. Also, they are always getting involved with local events and charity events - all the ladies in there are absolutely lovely and very friendly.

Lots of Love

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