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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

Hey Dolls,

I tweeted earlier that I wouldn't have this post up until Sunday but I've managed to wake up a little and get it up on time for you guys! 

So at 38 weeks pregnant I am currently sitting here watching Getaway with my younger brother. I had a GP appointment today just to make sure everything was OK and checking blood pressure and baby's positioning. All was good and baby is engaged! Not sure what that means fully but my understanding is the baby's head is moving down into my pelvic area getting ready for delivery but what I don't know is when the labour could begin! Because baby is engaged is there a better chance of him coming before my due date or whenever!

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain/measurement: Same as I always say I'm pretty sure I'm close on the over a stone and half mark now!
Maternity clothes: Yep, I usually opt for comfy clothes these days as I'm just hanging around the house but when I'm heading out I like to wear something nice or at least somewhat nice!
Stretch marks: Yep, I'm seeing a few more purple coloured ones at the moment at the top, but otherwise no new ones!
Best moment's so far: We had a date night last Saturday which was really nice. It consisted of Pizza Hut, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and me thinking I was gone into labour the entire movie. The cinema screen we were in had the heating pumped up so high I was so unbearably uncomfortable so couldn't fully enjoy the movie but I did my best! Finding out the baby is engaged is pretty great but also quite scary!
Miss anything? I miss everything at this stage!.... going to the bathroom normally, people not fussing over me, maneuvering around the place without being overly cautious, spending time with friends, being comfortable when sitting down, not feeling like I need to use the bathroom every 10 minutes or every time I sit down! 
Movement: I can feel the baby moving and squirming, but its true what they say - there's not a lot of active movement at this stage because the lil guy is running out of room. I don't feel movement constantly through the day but enough to be happy knowing he's ok! 
Food cravings: Nothing really, I eat all the same old stuff I always do and don't crave anything in particular. I thought I'd have been a pickle or coal craving lunatic during my pregnancy but nope ;) 
Anything making you queasy or sick? I've been a bit sick this week. Tuesday I couldn't keep down my breakfast or lunch and was quite sensitive at dinner time. Wednesday I wasn't 100% but I went to my friend's house, had a lovely day out at hers and had a lovely dinner which I manage to eat most of but was still a bit sensitive. Had a capri sun this morning that made me throw up (random) but I guess I'm just super sensitive at this stage!
Gender: Boy and he is apparently the size of a pumpkin (or should be)!

Labour signs: I've had a bit of pressure but I'm guessing that was himself moving downward, I've also had some uncomfortable/strong pains in the evening or night time.
Symptoms: Pelvic pressure and a lot of runs to the bathroom (for no reason!).
Belly button in or out? Half out! The skin around my belly button area is quite soft and my belly button is kind of half out!
Happy or moody most of the time: I'm quite pissed off today because the nursery wardrobe still hasn't arrived (we ordered the wood to be cut in a local business and then Daniel was to put it together - we designed it ourselves). We ordered it around 5 weeks ago and should have received it within a week but it's taking forever and due to this the rest of the nursery is delayed :( I'm heartbroken because I want the nursery complete and ready for when he arrives!
Looking forward to: I'm going to Bella Baby tomorrow to try and get my changing bag (Storksak Bobby in Charcoal) and a new baby buggy (Quinny Buzz Xtra) that is compatible with the Maxi Cosi car seat. Hopefully they will have both in stock tomorrow as they have a sale on until Monday which I will make a saving of €112.90 (which isn't a lot but it is!). I'm also looking forward to having the nursery being finished and to have our small man in our arms! I'm looking forward to Daniel's reaction at baby finally being here and him being a dad for reals (you know what I mean).

If you have any questions about having a baby in Ireland or any questions in general feel free to ask :) comment below or my contact information is available in the tab above! :)

Lots of Love

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