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Monday, November 3, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks

Hey Dolls,

Happy Halloween and/or 1st of November (depending when this goes live!)! My due date is this month! How crazy is that! Less than a month to go!

How far along? 37 weeks
Total weight gain/measurement: Last week I said just over a stone and half but I'm guessing it would be around the same this week as I haven't been great eating and I've been quite sick! I wish I measured my growing bump to record the change each week but I only thought of it last week :( 
Maternity clothes: Yep, I don't think at this stage anyone could get away with wearing normal clothes but in a bigger size because of the way the bump is! Maternity clothes would be a necessity especially toward the end!
Stretch marks: Yes, not more than last week though! Woohoo!
Sleep: Shocking! I sleep such unusual times now! For example, I fell asleep on the couch last night at 10pm, woke at 12 to go up to bed, and then I was wide awake watching YouTube vids til around 2 and was starving so couldn't sleep! Came downstairs and made toast and watched TV for an hour. Was up for another while so went on pinterest for a while. Eventually fell asleep but was semi awake all night :( 
Best moment's so far: Well today we finally got the house tidied after all the house renovations! The bathroom and kitchen are both done! We are still waiting on the baby's wardrobe to be done so Daniel can put it together and we can finally finish the nursery! Pushing close with only 3 weeks til due date! We also started our 'secret' project! It's not really a secret after most of our family members have seen it :P but it's coming along nicely! And will be revealed to the blog world on here with my nursery post :)
Miss anything? I would really like for our little man to arrive safe and healthy and to no longer be pregnant! I'm missing feeling normal! I want to sleep comfy, walk normal, have energy, eat and drink what I want! At this stage it's just a struggle to do anything!
Movement: Baby is moving around and happy out. When I was in bed and put my hand to my lower left side the baby put his hand up to mine! It was so nice (and strange!). I think it was his hand because his head is 'engaged' and his leg wouldn't bend down that far I don't think!
Food cravings: I was loving waffles but I am so sick of them now! I'm currently eating anything that I can easily make as I don't have a lot of energy to make fancy lunches!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Getting dressed still, I guess whatever way I move it puts pressure on the bump and it makes me quesy! I've been very run down and sick this week! It was horrible :( no energy, I didn't want to eat anything or drink anything! I was very uncomfortable and feeling a lot of pressure!
Gender: It's a boy! 
Labour signs: My face was very puffy this morning and feeling a lot of pelvic pressure. Also the bump dropped! I know none of these are labour signs but signs of change!
Symptoms: I'm getting a lot of acid reflux, and pressure as mentioned above! I also have a very sore back today :(
Belly button in or out? Depends what way I'm sitting, it's currently in!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy today, had such a nice long shower this morning in our new bathtub and afterward just took some time in my towel to chill, moisturise all over, and cleanse my face! I'm terrible with skincare :( And right when I was dressed and about to blow dry my hair the 'in-laws' popped in to help us get the house tidy and back to normal before we crack on with the nursery!
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery done :) and getting a changing bag! 

I'm hoping to have my hospital bag post up during the week! I've a few 'last minutes' I'll mention but probably won't have photographed for the post! I will put a link here once it's done :)

If you have any questions about having a baby in Ireland or any questions in general feel free to ask :) comment below or my contact information is available in the tab above! :)

Lots of Love

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