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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pregnancy - Pain Relief

Hey dolls,

It's only 1 week and 3 days until my due date! That's a scary thought! I was all chill and looking forward to it until I hit the 38 week mark and I instantly became terrified, maybe it has to do with the immense pressure and discomfort I was in Saturday (after eating curry on Saturday night)!

I've signed up for a lot of email notifications from different pregnancy sites (holy wow it can be annoying), but I've gotten some interesting emails over time. And more recently one about pain relief. So I wanted to do a quick post about my thoughts on the different pain relief options that are available to me if I want them.

So below are the three pain relied options offered in the maternity hospital I'm going to:

All I knew about pethidine was it was a pain relief option but had no idea what it was. So for those who don't know it's a morphine type pain relief that's injected into your bum or thigh from early on in the labour (if requested). During our parent craft classes, 
I found out more about it, the pain relief can pass through to the baby, it cannot be taken in later stages of labour (if it starts to wear off), you feel drunk or out of control and it's an injection.
The reason I don't want this is because it affects the baby and the feeling you get from it. I don't want to feel drunk or out of control because labour will be tough enough without me babbling and acting different to myself.

The epidural is probably the most well known form of pain relief. I knew it was a needle injected into the spine (which can be very painful), and then your numbed from the waist downward during the labour. I found out a lot more about it during our classes.
The epidural is actually not a needle but a small soft tube like needle, that goes into your lower back/spine and stays there during the labour. Once this is injected your laying down most the time and are unable to move yourself. Also, you have to lay on your back for 7 hours after labour (meaning you can't attend to your baby immediately). You can only get this in the second stages of labour onward (4cm upward). You can't opt for the epidural in the later stages of labour. One major turn off for me is a urinary catheter, because you can't go to the bathroom (obviously) being confined to the bed. There is a chance the epidural can prolong labour and there is a higher risk of assisted birth.
I really don't want an epidural now knowing what I know. I don't want a needle into my spine, I don't want a catheter, I don't want to be confined to a bed for hours - I'd rather the option of being able to get up and have a quick shower if I have the energy.

Gas and Air
All I knew of the gas and air is it is a bit tube with a sucky bit that you breathe in air through and it can make you feel nauseous. And that's it! I think this is what I'm going for, I really don't see myself opting for needles! You get dry lips and for some gas and air makes them nauseous. This is only available once you get into the delivery ward because it's connected to the wall with a big long tube! So hopefully I won't need it before then!!

Have you had a baby and had any of the above? What was your experience? Leave a comment below.

Lots of love

P.S. I will let you know what I've ended up with in my birth story post when it's all done!

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