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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pin It! - Find me on Pinterest

Hey Dolls,

Are you on Pinterest? I love finding new boards to follow so please comment the name of your Pinterest profile or leave a link to it below!

My Pinterest is located here and my name is Lushblush21. I have a range of boards that you can follow individually also:

Products - relates to any type of product I like, kind of like a wish list I guess.
Style - my own style/fashion.
Home Decor
Ideas - this is where I store basically anything that doesn't fit into any other folder.
Cake Pops - I had an obsession for while so they got there own board ;)
Cake - all cakes from birthday to any celebration.
Super Cute - anything I find cute!
Engagement Party
Comic Party - this is ideas for my boyfriend's 30th and also any kind of comic related party.
Bachelorette/Hen Party
Bachelor/Stag Party
Motivate - quotes I find motivating.
Garden - we have a large garden I would one day like to make beautiful ;)
Halloween - makeup to costume inspiration
Destinations - places I'd like to go and see in the world.
Baby Shower/Baptism
Children's Birthday
Wedding - anything wedding related that doesn't have a seperate folder below.
Wedding Dress
Bridesmaids - all things bridesmaid related from hair and beauty to dresses and accessories
Wedding Accessories - nails, hair, bouquets.
Wedding Favours - I think favours are a great idea at weddings and so have started to stock up on ideas.

Lots of Love

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