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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas - Getting Organised

Hi Dolls,

Warning - this is such a random post :P

So as I would presume everyone knows Christmas is only around the corner. 2014 seems to be the first year ever that Christmas stuff was out a bit of time before Halloween even passed! I don't know what any of your opinions are on this but I for one didn't mind it too much this year - maybe it's because I'll have a little family of my own this Christmas or I haven't been out of the house enough for it to really bother me. I guess the only thing that did bother me was the 'tins' or boxes of chocolates (like celebrations or roses) being on offer at the beginning of October if not earlier.

I love Christmas! I personally am over the gifts of it (which you'd never think I'd say) simply because I find I have a lot of clutter of stuff! I've WAY too much Soap and Glory products that I just never seem to be able to get through, I didn't have a bath before this month so a lot of gift sets I used get had bath stuff I could never use, I make lists of stuff I really want and seem to only ever get like 1 thing off the list between family and my boyfriend! I guess I just love the atmosphere, the cold weather, getting to wrap up when outside and inside with a nice hot cup of tea or chocolate :)

I guess the point of this post is to vent something I read pretty recently. So, Pippa O'Connor posted on her Facebook last week that she went looking for Christmas pajama's for children in 2 well known large stores and they were sold out, and wanted to know were people really that organised - it appears so for some. One woman commented she had all but 3 of her gifts sorted in gift bags and all! Now, what is the point of christmas if not for the many reasons I shall list below:
  • Family
  • Atmosphere
  • Winter woolies
  • Visiting family you wouldn't see much during the year
  • Nights out with friends
  • Lights
  • Hot drinks
  • Christmas dinner
  • Donating to a charity that has a specific Christmas aim (my mom does the shoebox one each year since we were tots in school).
  • Panic in the shops
  • The crowds
  • Panic wrapping presents
  • Getting organised in a chaos
  • Writing a thousand cards - or for those more tech savy sending e-cards!
  • Movie nights in
  • All the food!
  • Festive drinks - be it starbucks or costa with there festive take away cups!
For me, I'll have a newborn in the next 2-3 weeks and will need to get out to the shops at some stage and sort Christmas presents - I have been researching online and have a fair idea of what I want to buy but need to get out to the shops to purchase! I know your probably thinking I'm crazy but I love Christmas and it's part of the joys of it!

Normally we (myself and boyfriend) go to Dublin for Christmas - starting in Arnotts for breaky, then onto Jervis Shopping Centre, then comic store, along to Grafton Street, onto the Luas and over to Dundrum! Last year we mastered the trip and would've done it again this year but I'm not that crazy to drag a newborn in the car for 2 and half hours to 3 hours just to get to the Disney store or Dundrum shopping!

Well, are you super organised or am I just a total disaster? ;) Let me know!

Lots of Love

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