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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby's Nursery (rough edition ;))

Hey dolls,

With only 3 days until my due date (as I am kindly reminded by my friends) I finally got the nursery started! I have the changing table and wardrobe in now. So I decided to do a seriously rough edition of my baby's nursery.

We don't have the cot in the room for 2 reasons - 1 because there was no mattress for it until today and secondly because my boyfriend's mom thinks it's bad luck (or something) to have the pram and cot in the house before the baby is born!

So here goes then...

Because we don't have the cot in or the shelving up, I decided to put the babies few teddies or soft toys on the changing table (this will obviously need to change when he arrives!). (L-R) Winnie the Pooh and Piglet (both from Tesco), Loved so much teddy from Mothercare (love this little guy!), Mickey Mouse, Mickey blanket and the green Chameleon is from the Disney Store. The white little lamb plays music and I got him in Tesco at Easter time.

Changing Table - the changing table is from Mama's and Papa's. It is a working progress. So on the top there is a colourful changing mat with some animal on it (didn't really look at it properly)! I also have the rug for the floor, still in it's plastic, thrown on top until the cot goes in the room. There is a little storage shelf in from to store easy to grab items for washing baby or changing nappies.

In the shelves below, the top one has all the wipes, some number 2 pampers nappies (newborn), products for bathing or skincare for baby, water wipes, teethers and some other gifted products. On the floor to the left of the pic is my Tommee Tippee Sangenic nappy disposal unit. In the bottom shelf, there are some more newborn size nappies, pampers changing mats, our angelcare baby monitor and some gifts I will put on the shelf once there up!

Wardrobe - My boyfriend and I designed the wardrobe to fit our needs. As the baby's room is quite small, and the cot and changing table were gifted to us second hand, I wanted my boyfriend to be able to put something together. So having scoured pinterest we came up with the above. We have 5 slots, 2 hanging bars, a row with 3 baskets (baskets are medium sized from Dunnes Stores, €8 each) and down the end there will be 2 shelves (not ready yet!).

Below are pictures closer of each slot and basket -

 Baby vests, folded in bundles as per size.
 Sleepsuits, folded in bundles as per size.
In this slot, I have miscellaneous outfits that weren't on hangers. Anything on a hanger I just threw into the hanging bar for now, just by size.

Onto the baskets:
 The first basket on the left, we have 0-3 month booties and all his socks (need to get more).
 In the middle basket we have muslin cloths and hats.
 In the first basket on the right side, we have bibs and dribblers. I have a few more than I thought which is good!
I had all baby's shoes in the basket but decided to only keep in there shoes for the first size. So the shoes in the above pic are at the base of the hanging section and are from 3-6 months onward. The blue booties are medium sized from Pumpkin Patch and the other 3 pairs are from Dunnes Stores.I also have some of baby's Christmas clothes stored on this shelf so I don't lose them or forget about them!

Hope you enjoy, I know it's nothing amazing but like I said it's a work in progress. Once the cot is in and shelves up I will have a full overview of the room - I'm just glad most the stuff is put away and out of bags and boxes!

Lots of Love

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