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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby Gift Haul

Hey Dolls,

So below are some of the gifts Baby Fitz has received from various family and friends (I apologise in advance if I didn't feature your gift and you wanted me to - I didn't get the chance to photograph and document everything :().

These gifts above are from my brother, soon to be uncle of Baby Fitz :) He went off in all his excitement one day and got the baby a few bits in Mods and Minis and The Baby Shop (both in Wilton Shopping Centre). Above is a cellular blanket in blue, a super soft 'I love hugs' blanket, a cot decoration of a teddy holding a star that plays music, a little teddy with teething rings on the feet and a wooly hat with matching mittens.
Above is a little put together hamper that my friend's Niamh and Salome gave me from Boots. Inside was a pack of Water Wipes, Boots Baby Zinc and Castor Oil cream, head to toe wash, a moisturising lotion, a teether and a packet of Naty Nature Babycare Nappies.
Here is what some of my colleagues got me before I finished up in work. They gave me two gift boxes (above), a box of nappies and a blanket and sleeping bag (not photographed). So above, there is baby powder, wet wipes, Johnsons Shampoo and lotion, 3-6 month size socks and a cot toy. There was also some baby vests and sleepsuits that are in my hospital bag!
The Ball Playnest Activity Gym is from two of my friends (along with the above Boots Hamper). (The bouncer in the pic is just the one myself and Daniel bought ourselves for the little guy!)
The above is part of the gift given to me by friends (Stacey, Natalie, Donna and Laura) at my surprise baby shower. Not pictured above is the record keepsake book, photo frame, many many clothes (from Pumpkin Patch and Disney Store) and personal knitted white cardigan with blue buttons. Among the many things above includes; Disney comb and brush, feeding bowl, petroleum jelly, sterilising fluid, cotton buds, toothbrush, thermometer, manicure set, baby powder, sippy cup, 'Rescue Oil' for stretch marks and scars, 'Baby/Child on Board' car sign, Dove moisturiser (for me) and a lovely sweet smelling candle :) I'm sure there's more but there was so much it was hard to keep track ;)
This is my favourite blanket and one of many received from Grandma/Nana Fitz, Daniel's mom. She went to the UK during the summer to visit family and came back witha  bag load of blankets from Asda :) There was the one above, a spotted textured one, a winnie the pooh one, and many more!
My friend AnnMarie gave me the above, a 6-9 month dungaree set from Boots and a teether ring, also from Boots. The vest top has little white and red car detail.
The above was an early gift given to me closer to my birthday for the baby from Salome. It is the cutest Converse All Star hat and sock set. I was going to get one myself in Dublin only weeks before but my sister talked me out of it (due to the price)!

That's it for now. I may do a baby clothing haul of some of my favourite pieces that Baby Fitz owns if you'd be interested :)

Lots of Love

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