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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pregnancy Update - 40+ weeks

Hey dolls,

I'm officially overdue by 4 days! I really hope the lil guy makes an appearance soon because I'm getting very worried about him being in there too long and me not noticing if something is or could be wrong, and I want to meet him obviously and I want to get into the Christmas spirit which is quite difficult being this uncomfortable! 

If he's still 'cooking' on Friday I will have a 41 week update (also dependant on my appointment Thursday with the midwives). 

So I just wanted to update you on the above and also let you know in early December I hope to have a post up about my party season essentials from beauty products to accessories. Let's hope my new baby is as good as gold and let's me do at least one blog post in December ;) hehe.

Lots of Love

Update - my gorgeous baby boy, Alex, was born on Friday 28th November at 12:01am! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks

Hey dolls,

Today I am officially 40 weeks pregnant! It is so strange to say, the 9 months has flown by! I had a check up at the hospital yesterday but the same old examination occurred. I mentioned the baby's movement reduced considerably Wednesday so I was sent to the Fetal Assessment department to have baby's heart monitored. I was hooked up to a heart monitor and every time I felt baby move I pressed on a blue button that noted it on the chart. All was fine with baby and moved a few times through the exam. I was in there SO long I started to get quite anxious and uncomfortable so my blood pressure rose a bit but after a second check it was normal again. I have another appointment booked for next Thursday (if I don't go into labour before then) to have an internal examination and schedule induction!

How far along? 40 weeks
Total weight gain/measurement: No idea, I had my bump measured and the doctor seemed happy with the size so I guess normal sized but not too small?! As for weight I would take a guess and say I weigh a total of 2 stone more than I did before I was pregnant!
Maternity clothes: Yes but I mainly sit around the house in comfy jogger pants though because I'm quite uncomfortable now at this stage and getting dressed and putting on socks is a nightmare :(
Stretch marks: Same as last week, nothing new!
Best moment's so far: I guess reaching the 40 week mark and nearly having the experience over! I know that's not the nicest to say but at this stage I'm so huge and swollen I just want my baby in my arms and not in me anymore!
Miss anything? Sleep - last night was an absolute nightmare! I kept tossing and turning and I had to pop to the bathroom loads through the night (it was as if I drank a gallon of water before going to sleep!). I know my sleep is only going to get worse from now on because I'm at the end of the journey!
Movement: Not as much, but he's squirming away! From the heart monitoring, when the baby moved you could see his heart rate rise! So I know he's not very comfy, he is running out of room!
Food cravings: Nope! I don't have much of an appetite to be honest because I have awful heartburn at nighttime!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Queasy yes, when I try to put on shoes/socks it's very difficult so I feel quite off trying to bend over or lean forward! I now have someone put them on for me if I need to go out! 
Gender: Boy
Labour signs: My bump has dropped twice in recent days so it is much lower now than it was when it initially dropped. I have a lot of pressure and I don't like eating much because there's not much room for food :( I have had a few cramping pains but nothing major or constant!
Symptoms: I have severe heartburn (as mentioned above), severe lack of sleep, pain in my pelvis when the baby moves, severe swollen hands and feet, and my face is so puffy! 
Belly button in or out? Out, when I sit down! It can be in a little, but mainly out.
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody! I am so sick of people looking for updates on when I've popped. I have friend's texting which is somewhat fair enough, but then I have people watching my Facebook (liking statuses on my wall when they normally wouldn't) just to keep an eye on if I post anything! I also have some people (acquaintances or old friends) commenting on stuff or messaging me asking for updates and advising they are waiting on 'the call' - the only people special enough to be getting a call is both mine and my boyfriend's families, my 2 best friends and whoever Daniel wants to call! But most friend's will have to wait for a text message when we get to it or find out on Social Media - I don't plan to post any pics on Social Media until Daniel's sis see's the baby in person!
Don't get me wrong, I totally understand people are just excited to know when he will be born but at the same time having every Tom, Dick and Harry (randomer) looking for an update just drives me banana's when all I want is the baby to be out and healthy!
Looking forward to: Holding my baby and having the labour over! I'm SO nervous about the contractions :(

As I've learned this week, I would highly recommend anyone who is early on in there pregnancy to do pelvic muscle exercises! I've only learned recently that needing to go to the bathroom is a nightmare and those exercises would help hold everything in a little better! 

If you have any questions about having a baby in Ireland or any questions in general feel free to ask :) comment below or my contact information is available in the tab above! :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby Gift Haul

Hey Dolls,

So below are some of the gifts Baby Fitz has received from various family and friends (I apologise in advance if I didn't feature your gift and you wanted me to - I didn't get the chance to photograph and document everything :().

These gifts above are from my brother, soon to be uncle of Baby Fitz :) He went off in all his excitement one day and got the baby a few bits in Mods and Minis and The Baby Shop (both in Wilton Shopping Centre). Above is a cellular blanket in blue, a super soft 'I love hugs' blanket, a cot decoration of a teddy holding a star that plays music, a little teddy with teething rings on the feet and a wooly hat with matching mittens.
Above is a little put together hamper that my friend's Niamh and Salome gave me from Boots. Inside was a pack of Water Wipes, Boots Baby Zinc and Castor Oil cream, head to toe wash, a moisturising lotion, a teether and a packet of Naty Nature Babycare Nappies.
Here is what some of my colleagues got me before I finished up in work. They gave me two gift boxes (above), a box of nappies and a blanket and sleeping bag (not photographed). So above, there is baby powder, wet wipes, Johnsons Shampoo and lotion, 3-6 month size socks and a cot toy. There was also some baby vests and sleepsuits that are in my hospital bag!
The Ball Playnest Activity Gym is from two of my friends (along with the above Boots Hamper). (The bouncer in the pic is just the one myself and Daniel bought ourselves for the little guy!)
The above is part of the gift given to me by friends (Stacey, Natalie, Donna and Laura) at my surprise baby shower. Not pictured above is the record keepsake book, photo frame, many many clothes (from Pumpkin Patch and Disney Store) and personal knitted white cardigan with blue buttons. Among the many things above includes; Disney comb and brush, feeding bowl, petroleum jelly, sterilising fluid, cotton buds, toothbrush, thermometer, manicure set, baby powder, sippy cup, 'Rescue Oil' for stretch marks and scars, 'Baby/Child on Board' car sign, Dove moisturiser (for me) and a lovely sweet smelling candle :) I'm sure there's more but there was so much it was hard to keep track ;)
This is my favourite blanket and one of many received from Grandma/Nana Fitz, Daniel's mom. She went to the UK during the summer to visit family and came back witha  bag load of blankets from Asda :) There was the one above, a spotted textured one, a winnie the pooh one, and many more!
My friend AnnMarie gave me the above, a 6-9 month dungaree set from Boots and a teether ring, also from Boots. The vest top has little white and red car detail.
The above was an early gift given to me closer to my birthday for the baby from Salome. It is the cutest Converse All Star hat and sock set. I was going to get one myself in Dublin only weeks before but my sister talked me out of it (due to the price)!

That's it for now. I may do a baby clothing haul of some of my favourite pieces that Baby Fitz owns if you'd be interested :)

Lots of Love

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby's Nursery (rough edition ;))

Hey dolls,

With only 3 days until my due date (as I am kindly reminded by my friends) I finally got the nursery started! I have the changing table and wardrobe in now. So I decided to do a seriously rough edition of my baby's nursery.

We don't have the cot in the room for 2 reasons - 1 because there was no mattress for it until today and secondly because my boyfriend's mom thinks it's bad luck (or something) to have the pram and cot in the house before the baby is born!

So here goes then...

Because we don't have the cot in or the shelving up, I decided to put the babies few teddies or soft toys on the changing table (this will obviously need to change when he arrives!). (L-R) Winnie the Pooh and Piglet (both from Tesco), Loved so much teddy from Mothercare (love this little guy!), Mickey Mouse, Mickey blanket and the green Chameleon is from the Disney Store. The white little lamb plays music and I got him in Tesco at Easter time.

Changing Table - the changing table is from Mama's and Papa's. It is a working progress. So on the top there is a colourful changing mat with some animal on it (didn't really look at it properly)! I also have the rug for the floor, still in it's plastic, thrown on top until the cot goes in the room. There is a little storage shelf in from to store easy to grab items for washing baby or changing nappies.

In the shelves below, the top one has all the wipes, some number 2 pampers nappies (newborn), products for bathing or skincare for baby, water wipes, teethers and some other gifted products. On the floor to the left of the pic is my Tommee Tippee Sangenic nappy disposal unit. In the bottom shelf, there are some more newborn size nappies, pampers changing mats, our angelcare baby monitor and some gifts I will put on the shelf once there up!

Wardrobe - My boyfriend and I designed the wardrobe to fit our needs. As the baby's room is quite small, and the cot and changing table were gifted to us second hand, I wanted my boyfriend to be able to put something together. So having scoured pinterest we came up with the above. We have 5 slots, 2 hanging bars, a row with 3 baskets (baskets are medium sized from Dunnes Stores, €8 each) and down the end there will be 2 shelves (not ready yet!).

Below are pictures closer of each slot and basket -

 Baby vests, folded in bundles as per size.
 Sleepsuits, folded in bundles as per size.
In this slot, I have miscellaneous outfits that weren't on hangers. Anything on a hanger I just threw into the hanging bar for now, just by size.

Onto the baskets:
 The first basket on the left, we have 0-3 month booties and all his socks (need to get more).
 In the middle basket we have muslin cloths and hats.
 In the first basket on the right side, we have bibs and dribblers. I have a few more than I thought which is good!
I had all baby's shoes in the basket but decided to only keep in there shoes for the first size. So the shoes in the above pic are at the base of the hanging section and are from 3-6 months onward. The blue booties are medium sized from Pumpkin Patch and the other 3 pairs are from Dunnes Stores.I also have some of baby's Christmas clothes stored on this shelf so I don't lose them or forget about them!

Hope you enjoy, I know it's nothing amazing but like I said it's a work in progress. Once the cot is in and shelves up I will have a full overview of the room - I'm just glad most the stuff is put away and out of bags and boxes!

Lots of Love

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks

Hey dolls,

I completly forgot to post my 39 week update! I also didn't post my usual pregnancy selfie on Instagram because I've felt very shitty since my 38 week mark! I've had bad dry lips, a (huge looking) swollen nose, lack of sleep, a lot of pressure, heartburn/acid reflux, general discomfort... Anyway on with my update!

How far along? 39 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain/measurement: No idea. I've not been weighed since my 12 week obstetrics appointment.
Maternity clothes: Yes, I'm currently living in comfy clothes ('fat man' jogger pants or pyjamas) as I don't go out much at the moment, but if I did I'd be wearing either maternity jeans or regular jeggings.
Stretch marks: Yep, I seem to have gotten a few more at my sides by my hips.
Best moment's so far: We finally got the wardrobe for the nursery! Woo! So my dad is driving me home so I can put together the nursery :) For those that don't know I'm staying in my parents house until I 'pop' because it's closer to the maternity hospital!
Miss anything? Everything! I just want to be back to normal! I can't eat much, peeing is a joke, walking around might as well not happen, being able to put on socks is now impossible! This is not flip flop weather :( 
Movement: I feel the baby moving sometimes, not as much at the moment, there is little room for him now and with me being so exhausted I guess he's taking it easy before his big arrival!
Food cravings: None! Well I guess sweet treats, because there easy to grab and eat rather than trying to make a healthy snack! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? All food and Capri suns! I get very sick in the morning after I wake up, leaning forward putting on pants, shoes or socks makes me quesy!
Gender: Boy
Labour signs: I've had a few twinges but nothing to get excited about! I guess it's more discomfort than anything! My left leg is now completely f**ked, I think with the extra weight of a baby and he's on my left side most the time there is extra pressure on my leg :( my brain tells my leg to move and it won't! So my hip and joint where leg meet is quite sore! I can still move my leg but when it ets tired or sore then I'm like a limping lala :(
Symptoms: Heart burn/acid reflux (not sure of the difference), pelvic pressure, swollen hands (like bloody sausages), swollen toes/feet, lower back pain... Nothing else I can think of really! I still end up staying awake til 2/3am, with or without naps during the day! 
Belly button in or out? Out! It's so strange!
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody! I'm so ready for this baby to be out already :( I'm just not liking the unknown! Waiting for contractions or my waters to break or my mucus plug/bloody show... It's annoying there's not one that definitely comes first! And when, like if I went this week I'd be happy I guess but since the 38 week mark I'm terrified of giving labour :( I just want it to be over :( I was happy and confident in myself until last week!
Looking forward to: Having the baby in my arms and having the labour over with! 

If you have any questions about having a baby in Ireland or any questions in general feel free to ask :) comment below or my contact information is available in the tab above! :)

Lots of Love

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas - Getting Organised

Hi Dolls,

Warning - this is such a random post :P

So as I would presume everyone knows Christmas is only around the corner. 2014 seems to be the first year ever that Christmas stuff was out a bit of time before Halloween even passed! I don't know what any of your opinions are on this but I for one didn't mind it too much this year - maybe it's because I'll have a little family of my own this Christmas or I haven't been out of the house enough for it to really bother me. I guess the only thing that did bother me was the 'tins' or boxes of chocolates (like celebrations or roses) being on offer at the beginning of October if not earlier.

I love Christmas! I personally am over the gifts of it (which you'd never think I'd say) simply because I find I have a lot of clutter of stuff! I've WAY too much Soap and Glory products that I just never seem to be able to get through, I didn't have a bath before this month so a lot of gift sets I used get had bath stuff I could never use, I make lists of stuff I really want and seem to only ever get like 1 thing off the list between family and my boyfriend! I guess I just love the atmosphere, the cold weather, getting to wrap up when outside and inside with a nice hot cup of tea or chocolate :)

I guess the point of this post is to vent something I read pretty recently. So, Pippa O'Connor posted on her Facebook last week that she went looking for Christmas pajama's for children in 2 well known large stores and they were sold out, and wanted to know were people really that organised - it appears so for some. One woman commented she had all but 3 of her gifts sorted in gift bags and all! Now, what is the point of christmas if not for the many reasons I shall list below:
  • Family
  • Atmosphere
  • Winter woolies
  • Visiting family you wouldn't see much during the year
  • Nights out with friends
  • Lights
  • Hot drinks
  • Christmas dinner
  • Donating to a charity that has a specific Christmas aim (my mom does the shoebox one each year since we were tots in school).
  • Panic in the shops
  • The crowds
  • Panic wrapping presents
  • Getting organised in a chaos
  • Writing a thousand cards - or for those more tech savy sending e-cards!
  • Movie nights in
  • All the food!
  • Festive drinks - be it starbucks or costa with there festive take away cups!
For me, I'll have a newborn in the next 2-3 weeks and will need to get out to the shops at some stage and sort Christmas presents - I have been researching online and have a fair idea of what I want to buy but need to get out to the shops to purchase! I know your probably thinking I'm crazy but I love Christmas and it's part of the joys of it!

Normally we (myself and boyfriend) go to Dublin for Christmas - starting in Arnotts for breaky, then onto Jervis Shopping Centre, then comic store, along to Grafton Street, onto the Luas and over to Dundrum! Last year we mastered the trip and would've done it again this year but I'm not that crazy to drag a newborn in the car for 2 and half hours to 3 hours just to get to the Disney store or Dundrum shopping!

Well, are you super organised or am I just a total disaster? ;) Let me know!

Lots of Love

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pregnancy - Pain Relief

Hey dolls,

It's only 1 week and 3 days until my due date! That's a scary thought! I was all chill and looking forward to it until I hit the 38 week mark and I instantly became terrified, maybe it has to do with the immense pressure and discomfort I was in Saturday (after eating curry on Saturday night)!

I've signed up for a lot of email notifications from different pregnancy sites (holy wow it can be annoying), but I've gotten some interesting emails over time. And more recently one about pain relief. So I wanted to do a quick post about my thoughts on the different pain relief options that are available to me if I want them.

So below are the three pain relied options offered in the maternity hospital I'm going to:

All I knew about pethidine was it was a pain relief option but had no idea what it was. So for those who don't know it's a morphine type pain relief that's injected into your bum or thigh from early on in the labour (if requested). During our parent craft classes, 
I found out more about it, the pain relief can pass through to the baby, it cannot be taken in later stages of labour (if it starts to wear off), you feel drunk or out of control and it's an injection.
The reason I don't want this is because it affects the baby and the feeling you get from it. I don't want to feel drunk or out of control because labour will be tough enough without me babbling and acting different to myself.

The epidural is probably the most well known form of pain relief. I knew it was a needle injected into the spine (which can be very painful), and then your numbed from the waist downward during the labour. I found out a lot more about it during our classes.
The epidural is actually not a needle but a small soft tube like needle, that goes into your lower back/spine and stays there during the labour. Once this is injected your laying down most the time and are unable to move yourself. Also, you have to lay on your back for 7 hours after labour (meaning you can't attend to your baby immediately). You can only get this in the second stages of labour onward (4cm upward). You can't opt for the epidural in the later stages of labour. One major turn off for me is a urinary catheter, because you can't go to the bathroom (obviously) being confined to the bed. There is a chance the epidural can prolong labour and there is a higher risk of assisted birth.
I really don't want an epidural now knowing what I know. I don't want a needle into my spine, I don't want a catheter, I don't want to be confined to a bed for hours - I'd rather the option of being able to get up and have a quick shower if I have the energy.

Gas and Air
All I knew of the gas and air is it is a bit tube with a sucky bit that you breathe in air through and it can make you feel nauseous. And that's it! I think this is what I'm going for, I really don't see myself opting for needles! You get dry lips and for some gas and air makes them nauseous. This is only available once you get into the delivery ward because it's connected to the wall with a big long tube! So hopefully I won't need it before then!!

Have you had a baby and had any of the above? What was your experience? Leave a comment below.

Lots of love

P.S. I will let you know what I've ended up with in my birth story post when it's all done!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pin It! - Find me on Pinterest

Hey Dolls,

Are you on Pinterest? I love finding new boards to follow so please comment the name of your Pinterest profile or leave a link to it below!

My Pinterest is located here and my name is Lushblush21. I have a range of boards that you can follow individually also:

Products - relates to any type of product I like, kind of like a wish list I guess.
Style - my own style/fashion.
Home Decor
Ideas - this is where I store basically anything that doesn't fit into any other folder.
Cake Pops - I had an obsession for while so they got there own board ;)
Cake - all cakes from birthday to any celebration.
Super Cute - anything I find cute!
Engagement Party
Comic Party - this is ideas for my boyfriend's 30th and also any kind of comic related party.
Bachelorette/Hen Party
Bachelor/Stag Party
Motivate - quotes I find motivating.
Garden - we have a large garden I would one day like to make beautiful ;)
Halloween - makeup to costume inspiration
Destinations - places I'd like to go and see in the world.
Baby Shower/Baptism
Children's Birthday
Wedding - anything wedding related that doesn't have a seperate folder below.
Wedding Dress
Bridesmaids - all things bridesmaid related from hair and beauty to dresses and accessories
Wedding Accessories - nails, hair, bouquets.
Wedding Favours - I think favours are a great idea at weddings and so have started to stock up on ideas.

Lots of Love

Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

Hey Dolls,

I tweeted earlier that I wouldn't have this post up until Sunday but I've managed to wake up a little and get it up on time for you guys! 

So at 38 weeks pregnant I am currently sitting here watching Getaway with my younger brother. I had a GP appointment today just to make sure everything was OK and checking blood pressure and baby's positioning. All was good and baby is engaged! Not sure what that means fully but my understanding is the baby's head is moving down into my pelvic area getting ready for delivery but what I don't know is when the labour could begin! Because baby is engaged is there a better chance of him coming before my due date or whenever!

How far along? 38 weeks
Total weight gain/measurement: Same as I always say I'm pretty sure I'm close on the over a stone and half mark now!
Maternity clothes: Yep, I usually opt for comfy clothes these days as I'm just hanging around the house but when I'm heading out I like to wear something nice or at least somewhat nice!
Stretch marks: Yep, I'm seeing a few more purple coloured ones at the moment at the top, but otherwise no new ones!
Best moment's so far: We had a date night last Saturday which was really nice. It consisted of Pizza Hut, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and me thinking I was gone into labour the entire movie. The cinema screen we were in had the heating pumped up so high I was so unbearably uncomfortable so couldn't fully enjoy the movie but I did my best! Finding out the baby is engaged is pretty great but also quite scary!
Miss anything? I miss everything at this stage!.... going to the bathroom normally, people not fussing over me, maneuvering around the place without being overly cautious, spending time with friends, being comfortable when sitting down, not feeling like I need to use the bathroom every 10 minutes or every time I sit down! 
Movement: I can feel the baby moving and squirming, but its true what they say - there's not a lot of active movement at this stage because the lil guy is running out of room. I don't feel movement constantly through the day but enough to be happy knowing he's ok! 
Food cravings: Nothing really, I eat all the same old stuff I always do and don't crave anything in particular. I thought I'd have been a pickle or coal craving lunatic during my pregnancy but nope ;) 
Anything making you queasy or sick? I've been a bit sick this week. Tuesday I couldn't keep down my breakfast or lunch and was quite sensitive at dinner time. Wednesday I wasn't 100% but I went to my friend's house, had a lovely day out at hers and had a lovely dinner which I manage to eat most of but was still a bit sensitive. Had a capri sun this morning that made me throw up (random) but I guess I'm just super sensitive at this stage!
Gender: Boy and he is apparently the size of a pumpkin (or should be)!

Labour signs: I've had a bit of pressure but I'm guessing that was himself moving downward, I've also had some uncomfortable/strong pains in the evening or night time.
Symptoms: Pelvic pressure and a lot of runs to the bathroom (for no reason!).
Belly button in or out? Half out! The skin around my belly button area is quite soft and my belly button is kind of half out!
Happy or moody most of the time: I'm quite pissed off today because the nursery wardrobe still hasn't arrived (we ordered the wood to be cut in a local business and then Daniel was to put it together - we designed it ourselves). We ordered it around 5 weeks ago and should have received it within a week but it's taking forever and due to this the rest of the nursery is delayed :( I'm heartbroken because I want the nursery complete and ready for when he arrives!
Looking forward to: I'm going to Bella Baby tomorrow to try and get my changing bag (Storksak Bobby in Charcoal) and a new baby buggy (Quinny Buzz Xtra) that is compatible with the Maxi Cosi car seat. Hopefully they will have both in stock tomorrow as they have a sale on until Monday which I will make a saving of €112.90 (which isn't a lot but it is!). I'm also looking forward to having the nursery being finished and to have our small man in our arms! I'm looking forward to Daniel's reaction at baby finally being here and him being a dad for reals (you know what I mean).

If you have any questions about having a baby in Ireland or any questions in general feel free to ask :) comment below or my contact information is available in the tab above! :)

Lots of Love

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's in my hospital bag?

Hey Dolls,

So today I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my first child. I finally got around to packing my hospital bag and while doing so I took pictures of everything I packed so I'd be able to let you all know what I packed :) Below is what I need to bring with me to the Hospital for 'Baby Fitz's' arrival.

I've gotten inspiration and numerous ideas of what I'll need from a bunch of different sources (some listed at the end of the post).

My Maternity Hospital requirements for Maternity Patients include:

Your Medical Record Chart
Your copy of the Maternity Magazine
4 large packets of maternity sanitary towels
3 or more cotton nightdresses or pyjamas (an old
nightdress or t-shirt is quite adequate for the Labour
Disposable/old large panties
Dressing gown, slippers
Toiletries: shower cap, soap, towels, face cloth, wash bag, etc.

4 baby vests, 6 babygrows, bibs or towels
Baby towels for washing baby
24 disposable nappies
1 roll cotton wool – option: baby wipes, baby cleansing
Lotion, Vaseline/Sudocrem
Blanket and hat for going home, baby seat for car

After reading the above after writing my post I feel daft for some of my comments but I'm far too tired to go back through the entire thing and it's my opinion I guess! I now also noticed I totally over packed and will need to go back through and include some stuff and take some stuff out!! 

Here's what I've decided to pack (for now):

My 'Labour' Bag:
Nightdress - I picked up this shirt style nightdress from Primark/Penneys. It is navy and white with shimmer through the navy threads. There is a pocket with 'Love' written on it. There are buttons down the front that opens completely which will come in handy for skin to skin contact.
Slippers and a nightdress - I picked up these cute Minnie Mouse slippers in Primark at the end of the summer. I wanted slip in slippers in case my feet are swollen and that weren't too fluffy because I didn't want my feet to get too warm!

I don't have a picture of my dressing gown, it is a big pink fluffy one I got in Dunnes Stores a few years ago. I purchased a cute leopard print one in Primark recently but it's too short! I want a long one that will cover me in case of leaks!
Maternity Disposable Briefs, a face cloth, lip balm, maternity pads and underwear - I've been advised to bring either a face spray or face cloth, I opted for the face cloth so that I could either wet it with cold water or use it dry to pop up potential sweat (TMI I know!).

I recently bought Balmi lip balm in mint flavour from Boots. 

I'm bringing both disposable briefs and underwear and maternity pads with me so I have the option of either or so I'm comfortable afterward.

Also, in my labour bag, I have a nappy, hat, sleepsuit, long sleeved vest (pictured below) and scratch mitts for baby.

I still need to include some snacks, something to keep me occupied (more than likely my iPad) and a spare t-shirt top for Daddy Daniel.

My Hospital Bag:

Toiletries - I got this really cute Minnie Mouse bag in Boots before the Summer as I knew I'd need something to hold my toiletries in for the hospital. Inside the bag I have:

  • Soap and Glory Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel - love the smell!
  • Tresemme Weightloss Body & Volume Shampoo
  • Tresemme Weightloss Body & Volume Conditioner
  • Boots Smile Antiseptic Mouthwash
  • Lynx Deodrant - for Daniel to freshen up with if needed.
  • Avent Moisturising Nipple Cream - For breastfeeding mommies.
  • Boots Smile Flouride Toothpaste
  • L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Moisturiser - this is supposed to make tired faces look more awake so I'm hoping it will make me look better after labour ;)
  • Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel
  • Nivea Anti-Perspirant
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - in case I decide not to wash my hair while in the hospital.

Also included but not photographed is some hair ties, hair brush and tooth brush for both me and Daniel.
Flip-flops - I've read a lot of labour story blog posts and seen a lot of YouTube videos about many experiences that other mom's have had while in the hospital. A lot of people said they would have had horrible yocky experiences in the shower's in the hospital and the main thing that made them feel better about the shower's was wearing flip flops!

These are a pair I had lying around from the summer, I never really liked wearing them so I won't mind throwing them away after using them in the hospital. 
Maternity Pads - I just picked up two packs from Boots. I will need a few more packets but I'm sure these will be enough for the hospital ;) If I need more I'm sure my mom or boyfriend can pick some up from the boots across the road from the hospital.

I will need to take 1 or 2 pads out of the bag and into my labour bag.
Breast Pads - I've put about 10 packs of breast pads from the box into this cute Tinker Bell bag (purchased from Boots at the same time as the Minnie Mouse one). 

I can't remember the brand but they come in separate packs of two each so they are handy to have in a bag or whatever when needed if out and about.
Nightdresses - I've packed two nightdresses. The pink, grey and white striped one has three quarter length sleeves with a few buttons down the front. I got this one from Dunnes Stores for €15. The animal print brown and cream one is from Primark and only cost €6. This one has a front pocket with a little cream bow and has some buttons down the front too.

I will also be packing a t-shirt and pj pant combo because I don't love sleeping with nightdresses so for comfort I will bring these in case I want to wear them.
Towels - I packed two large bath towels (Navy from Primark, €8 each). I also have a turbie towel head towel as I find these super handy and help stop my wet hair dripping down my back when I'm trying to dry myself after a shower. Also, wrapping my hair I find it helps pulling the excess moisture out of my hair.

I will be bringing a hair dryer in with me too because I hate the look and feel of natural dried hair - my hair looks greasy and feels horrible.
Shower Loofa - I picked up a blue one but it 'mysteriously' disappeared so I found this pink one around the house ;) I find these loofa's very handy because it has a suction cup that holds the loofa ball on the wall so it won't be on the shower floor.

Newborn size pants - I'm bringing these into the hospital because the baby will need some newborn size clothes in case he's a little baby - I don't want him swimming in clothes for all the first pics we'll be taking of him ;)

These pants are super cute, both from Primark, super soft. There is a cream one and a stripey light brown and cream one. They are so tiny!

Nappies - My friend's gave me this as part of there gifts from my surprise baby shower. As it's the smallest handiest packet of nappies I have I decided to pack these ones.

These are the Tesco own branded Tesco Loves Baby Mini Size 2 Economy Pack (pack of 33).
Wipes - These are not on the list of stuff needed from the Hospital - they want you to bring cotton wool (which I still need to purchase!), I've decided to use Water Wipes instead of other brands. Water wipes, as I've heard, can be used instead of cotton wool and water in the hospital because they have no chemicals or any extra's for baby's super sensitive newborn skin.

I do have other wipe brands (Huggies and Johnson's) as gifts from people so will use those too but for early days I will use these.
Baby Towels - It's recommened to bring in two towels. These are hooded baby towels I got from Aldi during one of there baby events.

They are quite large towels, not super soft, but soft enough :) There is a lion and a giraffe one.
Blanket - I've packed this cellular blanket, also from Aldi, in a deep blue colour. This isn't on the list of required items but said I'd pack one any way in case it's needed.
Nappy Bags - I saw this one a list somewhere! I've decided to bring these one's in with me to help dispose of nappies while in the hospital - I'm not sure what kind of disposal system the hospital will have!

These were given to me at my baby shower also.
Baby Sponge - I think this is on the hospital list! I've only packed one because I don't think two are needed!

The one I packed is from a pack of two from Super Valu.

Muslin Squares - I've just packed these myself as I think they may come in handy. This pack of three is from Primark and only €4.
Sleepsuits - So it is requested that you bring 8 sleepsuits (here I have 9). I have three packs of three sleepsuits - two are blue and dog themed and the other one is white and multi coloured with cows and stars on. These are all size 0-3 months. All from Primark.
Body suits - Again, 8 is the requested amount to bring in. I've packed about 12 (5 long sleeved and 7 short sleeved)!

The all white long sleeved bodysuits are from Dunnes Stores and super soft!
These short sleeve body suits are from Primark and are white with multi coloured designs on them.
Birth outfit - I got this 4 piece set from Primark in Newborn size. The set is cream coloured with light brown colouring on the animal details. There is a sleepsuit, bodysuit, bib and hat. The sleepsuit has scratch mitt covers on the sleeves.

I've packed this outfit in my labour bag actually with a nappy for the baby to wear when he is first born,
Barrier Cream - This isn't required and I don't think it's even recommended but I want to have some sort of nappy rash cream with me just in case! I was gifted this little pot of Sudocrem Antispetic Healing Cream.
More Bodysuits - Here are some newborn long sleeved body suits. These have little lambs on them (matching the outfit we picked for when he's born).

I packed these because they are newborn size too.
Baby Socks - These are the cutest and smallest socks I've ever seen!! This is a pack of 4 newborn size socks from Primark.

I will be packing the following that are not photographed:

A spare t-shirt for Daniel
Fluffy socks with grips on the soles
Toothbrushes for both me and Daniel
Snacks for my labour bag
Hair brush
Hair bobbles and bobbi pins
Hair dryer and GHD straightener
Underwear and nursing bra's

I will also have my patient file with me (it's in the car at all times). I will need to remove some body suits and include more bibs and a roll of cotton wool.

Both baby's and my going home clothes will be brought in before we leave along with the car seat, I don't want our clothes in there getting thrown around and wrinkled before we wear them!

Inspiration from many sources including:

Anna Saccone (baby's bag, mommy bag - blog posts).
Kate Dolly Bow Bow (YouTube).
MummyPages (checklist).
Boots (available here).
My hospitals website.
EUMom Checklist (PDF available here)

Lots of Love