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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quick update

Hi dolls,

This is just a quick update, I will have more in tomorrow's 33 week update, but wanted to do a quick post to let ye know that I haven't been posting many baby hauls or beauty hauls because we are erring ready for baby and haven't had much chance to take pics for posts :(

Currently all Baby Fitz's clothes are in our wardrobe in shopping bags as we are renovating the house so baby's nursery is no where near ready! I'm giving it 4 weeks until it's all done (fingers and toes crossed!). 

I haven't really worn much makeup or had my nails done much throughout my pregnancy! My nails began rejecting gel nails in July (around 24 weeks mark) and so I stopped getting my nails done! Also, painting my nails was annoying because I'd be painting them almost every second day to avoid chipping!!

I did buy the new Benefit's Cheeky Sweet Spot Kit last weekend! I was so excited! I'm not sure I love the outter packaging but I am so excited to have my favourite blushes in one palette! It's so much easier for travel rather to carry around the individual boxes! I also recently purchased a new mascara but other than that I haven't bought much as I haven't needed to! I have a long wish list but with a baby on the way new makeup purchases will probably go on hold for a while! My lil man will take priority I'm afraid!

I will do FOTD and makeup looks again when the baby is born, hopefully starting up again in January on a roll and keep it up :) I will also do update posts and other stuff I've done in the past :) so keep an eye on my twitter, blog and Instagram :) 

Only 7 weeks until my due date and I'm not sure at the moment if his baby will wait that long!! 

Lots of love

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